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in steem •  8 months ago

How do you know that the "charges" will increase over time? I hope not, but if they do, we have still some time to increase our VP in the meantime.

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This statement comes straight out of the HF20 update:

Due to the fact that many components of the RC system are non-consensus, we can continue to adjust the resource pool budgets, track trends, and adjust charges incrementally over time so that we can meet our third goal of moving us toward sustainable pricing of blockchain operations.

I'm low on comment RC, so I can't really have a conversation about the issue with you. However, I hope the link to the update and @steemitblog will answer the rest of your questions.

I am keeping a running record of issues and concerns within the comment section of my last post. Feel free to browse them and read the post to understand how votes worth less than .02 will be rounded down to ZERO.