Coins I'm Watching : 24-April-2018

in steem •  2 years ago 

The rocket has left the station ladies and gentlemen!


  • current rank: 31
  • current price:
    • 3.40619 USD
    • 0.00036454 BTC
    • 24 hour volume: 16794200.0 USD
    • 24 hour percent change: 4.72
    • market cap: 866696617.0 USD


  • current rank: 5
  • current price:
    • 13.6575 USD
    • 0.00146165 BTC
    • 24 hour volume: 1963930000.0 USD
    • 24 hour percent change: 17.69
    • market cap: 11103366932.0 USD


  • current rank: 33
  • current price:
    • 0.287706 USD
    • 0.00003079 BTC
    • 24 hour volume: 29844900.0 USD
    • 24 hour percent change: 6.7
    • market cap: 753349530.0 USD


  • current rank: 10
  • current price:
    • 82.8341 USD
    • 0.00886502 BTC
    • 24 hour volume: 177496000.0 USD
    • 24 hour percent change: 8.27
    • market cap: 5384216500.0 USD


  • current rank: 72
  • current price:
    • 0.541543 USD
    • 0.00005796 BTC
    • 24 hour volume: 6864270.0 USD
    • 24 hour percent change: 6.7
    • market cap: 288382119.0 USD

Did you prepare well enough for the ride?

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Hopefully we follow last years trend and really start picking up the pace...

It is shocking to me that if steem keeps going up at this rate I could potentially make more $$$ from steemit alone than an accountant who went to school for many years...Crypto is fucking legendary

Thank God it's all turning around. Seemed like we were in quite the pit for sometime

Oh and I did a poem about Jet Skis, thought you might appreciate it, haha

Up is the way for crypto right now.
I've heard a lot of good things about Syscoin, seems like a good investment choice.
And then of course what I believe in most steem . Hope it continues the rise.
Bright days ahead

Am just happy that sbd is rising again, it will bring steemians back home...

Thanks for the tip, what are your thoughts on Verge? The first fully functional use coin. Although it's for porn....

Useless. Who pays for porn?

There are a lottttttt of people man

There are so many websites where girls, couples, and all kinds of combinations of the 2 go on camera live, and you tip them to do stuff, people tip hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars. So many of these sites already accept bitcoin, I am surprised Verge is accepted at pornhub, it was 1-3 satoshi each last year so I don't see it really exploding, but this is crypto so who knows.

very cool

BTS, EOS and STEEM are the way to go. I've been holding them all since november. And STEEM is priming for a major pump, especially with all this bad news coming out about Facebook and Mark Zucerburg. People are looking for an alternative for Facebook.

Thanks @z8teyb289qav9z for these authentic tips through this we can easily judge the situation of Steemit & I hope steemit will boost up and we will get some support from Steemit

Nice tip

this is a really exciting generation to be involved in! Great post!

Nice tip man your the nes
Thankyou very much

Thanks for the updated

Thanks for the update. Steem price can only go up.
Better days on the way

it is the essential post for me.tnx a lot.

wow!!! great post. thanks for sharing...

@z8teyb289qav9z would you like to lease out some of your SteemPower to me for Daily Steem Payments.

Please reply if you are interested.

Really excellent tip.thanks for sharing