I bought $500 STEEM at Poloniex but stuck. What to do?

in steem •  2 years ago 

I was so happy with the HF-19 outcome yesterday. Because of that results, why not invest more with STEEM?

I did, and bought worth $500 hard earned money through Poloniex.

But when I tried to transfer my STEEM from Poloniex got this "Temporary Disabled" and I can't do anything to transfer to steemit so I can convert for more Steem Power.

I ignored it yesterday, I thought they are having a maintenance on going. But it is almost two days now, still the same status "Temporary Disabled".

Do I need to worry or wait for another day. What do you think? Do you have a recommendation?
Let me know.

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Thank you sir.

I warned everyone yesterday, now I just write in support and wait.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@niceviewusa Thank you. I just read your post. I will probably move to another exchange later on.

good luck , hope it gets worked out

Is their SBD wallet enabled? If not, you can convert STEEM to SBD, then move that to your account here and then convert back to STEEM.

@financialcritic I just checked SBD is also the same issue "Temporarily Disabled" :(

The whole community of steemit MUST be aware of this issue. This why distributed system is a lot better than centralized.

That sucks. I was able to move some SBD to my account yesterday from bittrex.

Maybe it's time for me to use bittrex as well.

Don't feel bad, my STEEM is in limbo on poloniex. You basically got 2 options, both are the same...

  1. wait for them to fix it
  2. Make a support ticket... my last support ticket on poloniex took 2 weeks for them to answer. They did answer it.

... optional 3rd method is to sell the STEEM buy something else, and send it off the exchange. DASH was working, I could withdraw that.

this was what I did today so I could buy ether for an the 21Million Ico. My ehter was stuck at coinbase. took me all day to figure out a work around but finally got into the ico and I am excited. Could be a game changer - they are using funding to make a movie -

Hi @crypto-investor,
I did not use any of the two options you suggested, instead I move from Poloniex to Bittrex to my Steemit account.

I explained the full details of the transfer here.

I hope others will use it as a good step-by-step procedures.

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Thank you.

Mine been stuck for 4 weeks! I went to Bittrex 😩😀

What ????????????????????????????
I can't wait for 4 weeks.

I know, mine still is stuck lol

I just created my account at Bittrex. I don't see how I can buy STEEM or SBD. Am I missing something?
Please let me know.

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