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I Love Steemit

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Steemit is the first front-end built on the steem blockchain for mining steem. I want to belief that it is the creators of steem that also built steemit on the steem blockchain, though am not really sure, but anyone who knows better can educate me.

Lately, there have been other front-ends sites built on the steem blockchain to mine steem, like busy.org, partiko, ulog, steempeak and so on. These other front-ends are great and they have features that are needed on a social media site that are lacking on steemit.

I have used some of them before and from time to time I still use them. For example, I have used busy.org before and one of the things I like about it is that you have a voting slide even before you reach 500 steem power, unlike steemit where you have to have 500 steem power before you can have a voting slide.

Also I have used partiko front-end before to blog and I like it because points are been generated the more active you are on the site and these points are converted to votes, but on steemit you have nothing like this.

But no matter how these other front-ends are good and I use them from time to time and I wish steemit can adopt some of their features, I still keep coming back to steemit to blog because I love steemit. Steemit is the first contact that anyone will have with the steem blockchain for now. All the excitement and euphoria that we all experienced about steem came through steemit.

Even the other front-ends must have to use the password of steemit users to be able to connect to steem blockchain through steemconnect. Steemit has been in use long before these other front-ends came into existence and that is what I have been using for long now and am already used to it.

So basically I must say that, the reason why I love steemit is because i am already used to using steemit 😄.


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