Shame on you, do you think about what you say?

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HF21 / HF22 has experienced problems, work is being done to solve the problems, but many are already calling out wolves on forums such as Twitter. But there are positive messages there as well

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Emotions create both our negative and positive thoughts and that's what we do with the ones that count

I'm sick of everyone who just complains when something goes wrong.
Can't you be positive and see the opportunities you are joining
We have to accept that things do not always go smoothly.

Do you send such words every time Microsoft makes updates and there are some errors there? because you have probably experienced it.
Suddenly you have to reinstall the printer, or other programs.

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Negative words will only create more negativity both at home and here on the internet. Turn it around and use positive words and you will experience a big difference.

You've probably heard the phrase "Smile to the world and it smiles back"

I have been staying here for a while at Steemit since July 2016

Most people here have a very good attitude and that makes me want to be here. Try to understand that when you use negative words here you are destroying the positive community we have here at Steemit.

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For many complaints, they say they are not happy with the rewards now.
Profits are no longer big enough to post.
Just why you're in Steemit, fast money.

Then you have to think again, this is a social platform and gives many the opportunity to make money when they make a post.

It's also about making friends here over time and not just making money. But also read good posts with quality

Steemit has made it possible for many to be able to withdraw some money to help them in their everyday life without investing money. Bildet nr 2 er tatt av Pete Linforth fra Pixabay.png
Do not waste their opportunity to do so for the future

Yes, there are also sunshine stories in Steemit.
Too bad there is no separate folder here on Steemit for those stories
where everyone can read them and be read by those who have not seen them

Be positive and also see the opportunities you can give to others and not just yourself

credit for smileys, created by Pete Linforth of Pixabay

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ditto !
first time I read you rant :D
can't blame you though
are some being whiny much?
oh bugger .. most of those are the ones who don't do the node works :D

btw, I may not be as often as I was here before
am back into hitting the books
I'd pop once in a while but I really have to concentrate .
Good luck and see you around when I get to see you!
TC and steem on!

Hi @englishtchrivy

nice to see you again and thanks for your comment

Miss you and hope you pop up again ❤️

That's a very kind thing to say!
Keep going - am pretty busy now, today is my rest day sort of but the rest of the days are pretty busy so am not sure how often I could be here anymore. When I am, I'd definitely drop by. TC and just keep goin :)!

thank you @englishtchrivy 👍 ❤️

Greetings @xpilar,

It is true......negativity spreads so very quickly.....thank you for steering Steemians in the right direction with a bit of comman sense applied to the situ.

It is a tightrope the developers have to walk.....they could use our encouragement to be sure. ^__^

All the best to you!


Hi @bleujay

thanks for your feedback, it's nice to hear

There are unintended negative consequences of always choosing positive/ optimistic words, too. Part of maturing (in the spiritual sense) is developing an understanding that we aren't mono-polar in either direction, negative or positive, and that we often grow much more from seeing those things that we don't like about ourselves than always focusing on what we perceive to be positive (which itself is just a subjective interpretation that can differ from person to person).

This also holds true for what we observe in the world around us and how we choose to act around others and/or say to them in any given situation. One example of a way that we can damage another person is to always tell them that they're great at X (let's just use singing for this example), even though we're aware that they're objectively bad at it, to the degree that not a single person would genuinely agree with that assessment. To continue to affirm that they're good at singing when they actually suck will often result in them developing a real conviction that they're a talented singer, breeding a delusional person who goes on to annoy people and bring negative reactions/ consequences on themselves without being aware of it.

How does that help them? To live in a world that isn't the shared reality that we live in will almost certainly ALWAYS be a worse scenario than to know and live the truth.

A lot of the problem with the negative vs. positive debate comes down to definitions. We all have our own ideas about what is bad and what is good and where context comes into play in it. From my perspective, there are almost always ways that we can CONSTRUCTIVELY criticize people that would help them to grow better and faster than simply telling them positive things that they'd prefer to hear. But I'm also aware that it's important to not use what most would interpret as negative words when criticizing them, such as curse words or words that unnecessarily attack their character.

But that's not to say that there aren't situations when even such negative words are appropriate. It all comes down to context and having an understanding of why people are making the choices that reflect in their words/ actions (highlighting the importance of our own spiritual growth).

Thank's for your feedback @jamesbrown

I agree with what you are explaining here,
but my opinion with my post was to focus on how many people complain and throw shit.

There is a big difference between that and CONSTRUCTIVELY criticism.

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Interesante el tema, y, es cierto: atraemos lo que pensamos. El mundo esta regido por leyes supremas de las que no podemos escapar, ni hacerle una jugada y salir ilesos, y, todo lo que acontece en nuestro entorno tiene una razón de ser-son efectos que derivan de una o varias causas -buenas o malas-, por lo que debemos ser personas centradas,y por tanto positivas; y, si nos tropezamos con ciertas dificultades. saquemos a relucir esas habilidades para extraer un aprendizaje y proseguir con nuevas experiencias, porque de eso se trata la vida, para continuar creciendo .Felicitaciones, bendiciones.

Hi @brismar

Thank's for your feedback

I reproduce your words here in English

Interesting the subject, and, it is true: we attract what we think. The world is governed by supreme laws from which we cannot escape, nor make a play and leave it unharmed, and, everything that happens in our environment has a reason for being - they are effects that derive from one or several causes - good or bad -, so we must be focused people, and therefore positive; and, if we encounter certain difficulties. let's bring out those skills to extract learning and continue with new experiences, because that's what life is all about, to continue growing. Congratulations, blessings.

Agreed. We are helping to build something here and there will be missteps and mistakes along the way. Just what happens when you are building things in uncharted waters.

Hi @jrcornel

Yes, we have to appreciate what we have and that it takes time to make it better

Many books that teach us to think positively in living this life, like = The Power of Positif Thinkingnya Norman Vincent Peale atau The Magic of Thinking Bignya David Schwartz.

important thing in life, being able to answer all questions with logical thinking methods and not bound by norms and dogmas.

Don't let negative thoughts and feelings overwhelm you when you feel sad. Even if it's only a few hours a day, put aside negative thoughts and focus on the good things in your life.

Everything has a process ...

Hi @good-darma

Don't let negative thoughts and feelings overwhelm you when you feel sad. Even if it's only a few hours a day, put aside negative thoughts and focus on the good things in your life.

What you describe here I use in my daily life and it helps me to see others and myself in a positive way

You are right Mr. @xpilar, you are a person who makes steemit more beautiful, and likes to give opportunities to others and is not selfish

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Nice to hear, thanks @tya.saputry

I love this, your words are very accurate, steemit is a great community with lots of opportunity.

It is a very good platform with very kind people who, in addition to serving as support, help with their votes people like me who get this an economic help!

Up the good vibes!

Nice to hear, thanks @sughey

You are very right with your words Mr. @xpilar, here many people work for our best experience, what they least want is a negative episode.

Nice to hear, thanks @solangeh

these kinds of up's and down's make this community stronger hopefully everything will be fine with blockchain problem and i think its fully operational now

Hi @blazing

yes, it makes this community stronger

People talk about what their hearts are full of. The important thing here to highlight is that Steemit is back, and that the price of the currency remained stable, showing that many people fully trust this project.
Changes are necessary and Steemit workers do an arduous job to keep us updated and at the forefront of today.

Hi @anasuleidy

Changes are necessary and Steemit workers do an arduous job to keep us updated and at the forefront of today.

yes, and it is important to commend them for the job they are doing

Thank you. I agree.

Nice to hear, thanks @double-u

good information post, thx bro

Extraordinary words, few are those who publish good things after what happened, we must remember we are here by choice and because we have found in STEEMIT what is not on other platforms, I like to read the positive.

You are right @xpilar

Nice to hear, thanks @sniper555

Welcome :) @xpilar

Yes, u ara right, sir. Speaking kind and polite will be more useful wherever we are.

Nice to hear, thanks @elianaelisma

I started on steemit last year when I was 17

Then you know the platform well now @teenagecrypto

How is it going with the hurricane, is it moving away from you now

Its sitting off the coast of Florida moving slowly

Hope it dissolves soon @teenagecrypto

I don't like people who talk bad.

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Hi @elia34928

Bad words can quickly affect others in the wrong direction

Incredible words, besides that this free time helps us to reconnect with the real world.

thank you @teresah

"reconnect with the real world."

yes, you are right

  ·  last month (edited)

You are 100% right,i also agree with you...have a nice day

Nice to hear, thanks @nevlu123

Twitter is the worst place during outages, like good for updates but the comments are savage!

yes @madalchemist, there were many troubled souls there

Something that is not good will also cause no good.

you're right about that @rihonkeugata

interesting post

You are right with your post and I am glad to hear such strong and direct words. People think that the life is easy on Steemit and they will have everything: attention, Upvote, comment no matter what they do. But the same time they forget that it is often the other person with the same thoughts on other side. If both will not n´do much nothing happens. We all have to work hard so that this machine Steemit works and people get what they deserve. If someone wants attention they have to give the same to others. Thank you for sharing your opinion :)

thank you @stef1 for your great feedback

Many people want to get rich overnight and that this is easy to do, Steemit has provided many positive things since its inception and continues to do so, a flaw can not be used to judge this platform much less the way to distribute profits, there must be equity between those who invest and those who generate original content. Steemit is one step ahead of any social platform.

thank you @jadnven for your feedback

" Steemit is one step ahead of any social platform."

that is correct

I totally agree with you @xpilar.
everyone should see this great opportunity.

I also often hear negative words from others for steemite, many other people say negative things to steemit when I discuss it. and I'm very confused with them. because when they are active on other social media like intagram, Facebook, they don't get paid from social media. but they don't complain and don't say anything negative for social media on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others.

and when they are active in steemit, then steem price drops, they complain. they even say negative words. they make me so confused. and I also agree with you. everyone should make steemit not to make money. but to find friends and find knowledge in it.

and you are a great person. You are the one who lives up to the name Steemit. you who make a lot of people smile here, you also make many people happy here. I also feel happiness. Thank you for all the kindness you gave.

Thank's for your feedback @aulia1993

Negative words and complaints often come when we get frustrated
But if we can see the positive first everything will have a different meaning 👍

Yes, I totally agree with you.

You are very right friend, @xpilar in life we must maintain a very positive attitude to achieve our goals. Greetings, a hug.

  ·  last month (edited)

Thanks so much for giving us good information we need such information

Nice to hear, thanks @mohamad786

At present there is a lot of negativity around the world, for one or several circumstances, the fact is we do not do our best to see the good side of things, it is easier for us to complain and see all negative, than try to do something productive and positive for our lives and environment.
With all the things that we are living and happening in my country (Venezuela) I have hope and trust in God that better times will come!

thank's for your feedback @leca

Now they're on you again and giving you downvotes
You have to try to clean it up
Because you lose it though I give you upvotes

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I have already written to you on several occasions but I haven't got any answers.
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