real story...never sell in loss

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About a year back I obtained 1,000 MIOTA on a trade called Bitfinex. At the time each coin was around $.25.

In November of 2017 Bitfinex shut their trade to clients in the United States. At the time I didn't have a record with any trade fit for holding my MIOTA so I was compelled to offer and exchange the cash as Bitcoin. I sold at around $.50 a coin and exchanged the $500 worth of Bitcoin to my Bittrex account.

A couple of days after the fact the IOTA group reported their organization manages Microsoft, Volskwagen, Cisco, and so on., soaring the value over 800%. That was an extreme bull rushed to watch from the sidelines.

Presently I claim 55 MIOTA on Binance. I wish I had exchanged the coins rather than offer them. Such is life.loser.jpg


maaaaaan @writer1 i feeeeeel you !!! I did something similar to that... ugggggh... thank you for sharing your story and checking my page.

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