Song; Alts don't care. Sung by WordSword. This was my first post on steemit.

in steem •  4 months ago

Hi steemers.

Now steemsels are going lower, I thought, ah let me repost my first ever post on steemit, that was about altcoins and not caring about them going down.
I, at that time, hardly had an idea what the song was about, as ozmaster had made the lyrics and me being a total noob at the whole thing.
I remember how nervous I was posting this. lol.

Well.. here is the song, I won the contest with it....I was the only entry ;P

Hidden message; watch till the end and don't blink ;)

Poloniex I know.

Thanks for watching, and don't give up.

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would u believe I still listen to the song quite activly? :D

thanks once again for entering the contest and making the awesome song:D


Hey hello..... Glad to hear you are enjoying it. :)
Didn't know you were still around though.... I looked and your last posts were from a year ago.

I'm not very active anymore... I have to say, maybe that will come again in the future....when I have more time.

Anyway thanks for the reply it was a pleasant surprise :D


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