Steem 2nd Birthday! Are you ready for the terrible 2s?

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 The first block on the Steem blockchain was mined somewhere around 1 year, 11 months, 30 days, 4 hours, and a random amount of seconds ago.  Sometimes it is easy to forget how young the site is and how much we have already accomplished.  Last year we worked on Motor Control, this year...  We will start to learn how to have and control tantrums!  Whoot this should be fun.

Congrats to everyone who is here and here early, especially those who have made the journey from the early days.

Personally, I am 21 moons in!  :)  My user experience has been a fun ride of trying to understand Crypto, Meeting new people, finding out that I am just not filled with words to say after all.  The most interesting thing..  I struggle without having a centralized authority.  

No matter where you are in the Steem journey, I want to take time out of my snarky sarcasm to appreciate your being here and to say, here is what we have in store!  :)

2- Year old Developement Milestones

At a Glance

  • Two-year-olds typically learn many new physical skills.
  • Toddlers usually engage in more pretend play.
  • As kids approach age 3, they typically are able to understand most of what you say to them.

Once your child is 2 years old, she’s officially a toddler! And it can be hard not to compare your child with other toddling tots.If you’re not completely sure what skills are typical at this age, check out these developmental milestones. You’ll get a better idea of which skills are typically expected of a 2-year-old. You’ll also learn if there may be developmental delays to discuss with the pediatrician.

Physical Milestones

This year, children may not only grow  by leaps and bounds, but also learn  to leap and bound! Expect to see big things happening with the big muscles (gross motor skills), as well as development in small muscle movement (fine motor skills).Most 2-year-olds learn to do things like these by the end of their third year:

  • Walk, run and start learning to jump with both feet
  • Pull or carry toys while walking
  • Throw and kick a ball; try to catch with both hands
  • Stand on tiptoes and balance on one foot
  • Climb on furniture and playground equipment
  • Walk up stairs, holding on to the railing; may alternate feet

Learn some fun ways to help your child build gross motor skills.Fine Motor Skills

  • Start brushing own teeth and hair
  • May pull pants up and down
  • Turn on the faucet and wash hands
  • Build a block tower of at least four blocks
  • Start practicing snaps and zipping up (if you start the zip)
  • Hold utensils and crayons with fingers instead of a fist, although the grasp still may not be quite right (Get tips to help young kids get ready to write.)

Learn some fun ways to help your child build fine motor skills.

Cognitive Milestones

Kids start thinking in new ways, learning new skills and finding new techniques to solve problems. By the end of this year, kids typically:

  • Enjoy more complicated pretend play, like pretending that a box is a spaceship or assigning people characters when playing (Read how pretend play can help build executive functioning skills.)
  • Remember and talk about things that happened in the past, using phrases like “the other day” or “a long time ago”
  • Do three- to four-piece puzzles
  • Group toys by type, size or color
  • Recite favorite books and nursery rhymes with you
  • May follow two-step directions, such as “take off your coat and hang it up”
  • Learn simple ways to help your child follow directions.

Language Milestones

  • By the end of the third year, children usually understand much of what you say to them. They’re also talking more. At this age, most children can do these things:
  • Understand the words for familiar people, everyday objects and body parts
  • Use a variety of single words by 18 months and speak in sentences of two to four words by 24 months (may combine nouns and verbs, like “mommy eat”); have a vocabulary of 200+ words by 36 months
  • Repeat words she hears
  • Start asking “what’s that?” and “why?”
  • Begin using plurals (dogs) and basic pronouns (me, you)
  • Learn more about young children and trouble pronouncing words.

Social and Emotional Milestones

  • Two-year-olds start to be more independent and more interested in other kids. But not having the words to express themselves can be frustrating. By the end of this year, kids will likely do things like this:
  • Mimic what other kids and adults do and say, as well as how they say it
  • Be happy to play near, if not with, other kids
  • Start to realize she can do things without your help
  • Disobey more than before, doing things she’s told not to do, just to test what happens
  • Have tantrums when frustrated (Read about the difference between tantrums and meltdowns.)
  • Show increasing separation anxiety by 18 months, which typically eases considerably by 24 months; become increasingly independent and aware of herself as her own person between 24 and 36 months

Learn more about social-emotional skills to expect at different ages.

Keep in mind that kids develop at different paces. If your child is late to do a few of these things, don’t panic. But if she isn’t meeting many of these milestones as she approaches age 3, consider talking to her doctor about an evaluation to see if early intervention could help develop her skills.And take a look forward at developmental milestones for 3-year-olds.

Key Takeaways

  • By the end of the third year, most kids will be climbing, running and jumping.
  • Tantrums are a normal way of expressing frustration for 2-year-olds.
  • If you have concerns about your child’s skills, don’t wait to speak with her doctor about early intervention services.



Yes, I am a dork, I enjoyed applying these baby development ideas to the blockchain.  Happy Birthday Steem!

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When you look at Steem and say: 'look, it's 2 years old, it's still a toddler'

suddenly the behavior we sometimes see on this platform makes more sense

I'm also at 21 moons. It's flown by. I know some people have been here from the start, but I just didn't hear about it until later. Steemit has come a long way with nearly a million accounts now. Just imagine where it will be in another two years!

The July/August 2016 wave is now an ever more exclusive group, but by the nature of Steem we have a disproportionate influence. At least for those of us who stuck with it.

It's great that so many of us became dolphins and now have a lot of power to do good. We can nurture the next wave

do it

Well I'm only at 18 moons but I'm getting there.

I look forward to this coming year. I hope it will be fun and interesting.

May pull pants up and down

Steemit still struggling with this one. It only seems to work with the nsfw tag.

I'm new here (3 months + some days) and already wondering what will puberty years bring to us :)

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Happy birthday
We are ready let's go

That is a creative way of looking at it.

Love the references to a growing baby, i do hope that i will stick around and grow with the steemit community, like you i also struggle with not having a centralized authority i feel like this makes everyone create rules of their own so you have a 100 different rules, from a 100 different persons agreed upon by themselves which makes everything crazy being here i feel like i'm playing a game of russian roulette you never know when a bot or a fellow steemian will pull a flag on you for something they think is right. But that aside i look forward to seeing the progress of steemit and fellow steemians over the coming years.

Lol. since one is counting, I am currently 6 moons in already, and it's been great so far! Happy Birthday to steem!

I might have to do some more research about this platform. Didn't even realize 'twas today! :D

Happy Birth Day to you Steemit

Have a great journey of crypto carrency

Happy second birthday...All the prosperity to our great community.

It's still hard to believe steem is only 2 years old. I've been here 22 moons, but never posted anything until many months after signing up. Congrats on your success so far!

Happy birthday @whatsup....ed586a9aa692cf2e89d7e45bb381c30d_we.png

Happy [email protected] for sharing...

wow very nice post

@whatsup mam...
today. Just as far back as January 3rd, Steem was $8.16 USD and that was less than 3 months ago! We can return to these prices, in fact the secret is that Bitcoin controls the prices, and we all know Bitcoin is going to be more popular than steem, and people just end up buying Bitcoin due to its massive global HYPE campaign. And when Bitcoin goes up so does Steem no doubt 100%! We just have to wait and ride the WAVE of Bitcoin! There is almost no steem left for the liquid market and that's a great thing! No one is buying much steem yet but SOON there we be NO more steem left and the prices will go up up up up up ! This is going to end up at $20 steem SOMETIME in 2018 maybe not next week maybe not next month but sometime this year we will fly past our $8 previous high and zoom to the $20 level, and in 2019 I believe we can break the $100 level and by $2020 I DO believe Steem can hit $1000 and we will WISH we had saved up as many Steem tokens like they were Bitcoins! We have a SECOND chance here or no a THIRD chance! If we missed Bitcoin AND ethereum NOW is the time to get into STEEM! $100 Steem is NOT a fantasy! At max 21 million Bitcoins, there arent enough for every one of the 33 million of the world's millionaires to own one! And Steem at 250 Million tokens even in 10 years when we have closer to 400 million, that STILL isn't enough for everyone on the planet, mny people will have to settle for PARTS of a steem, which they already do with Bitcoin! Many today are happy to have just 0.1 Bitcoin since that is close to $1000 and that is a lot of money for most humans on the planet. So just keep stacking steem, yes everyone on steem today, the less than 900,000 users, they can ALL become the new ruling elite, we arent even 1 million users yet, so everyone on here NOW can end up being the millionaires of the future!
Happy steeming....

I am here since June , Its amazing community ,

Happy birthday

Steem says, Hoping that your birthday is as awesome as you are! Thank you for shared. @whatsup

happy birthday steem and it made many millionaires in its 2 years journey . and many more to come in next 3-4 years. :). I hope by 2020 I wish I could see it in top 10 websites globally by Alexa.

Would us say Happy Birthday to @steem


This post will be different with another how write about 2nd year of steem.