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While I agree that AA might have one of the best decentralized organization ever created and that has staying power. Before they got to that stage..

They had a clear mission, clear goals and then added to that the traditions.


Absolutely. A mission, a mission statement and a road map are primary.

For AA it wasn't always that clear. In fact it was pretty muddy and murky at the very start. We were very lucky that the first two were bright and motivated. Once they started gathering more members it came together pretty quickly. There may even be an analogy there :)

Some similarities to the situation here on Steem.
For a decentralised path on Steem best fit would probably be an incremental strategy with a bundle of actions. Developing a mision statement would probably be to early now. Community-driven stratgy building could help determine these actions starting from SOS-forums. Since these are a central point of reference, things won't drift apart.

Having regular - let's say monthly - SOS-forums in future would almost guarantee that we catch the right moment to start a discussion on a mission statement with a good probability of success. @pennsif Would monthly be OK?

Actually right now, there is a test on this going on on Steem. Please participate by answering five polls:

I am open to options, depending on community demand and interest.

What she said ☝🏽💜

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