Please Charge and Burn 1k Steem For Each SMT/ICO (Or $100-$1000 when the price of steem goes up)

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SMTs are coming and there was a new post about icos you can run on them. I might run one myself but will wait to see how it goes.

Here is the link for more info:

I am excited about SMTs and what they can do for steem. But, and I'm being blunt here, a lot of people do not take steem seriously. And a lot of that has to do with the price of the coin. And if we do not charge a good amount for SMTs no one will think it is a good service. Right now it is set to $10. How can we convince a big company this is a great new tech that only costs $10.

Companies like Tron are partnering with Samsung and we are falling behind.

On top of that we REALLY need to burn 10s of millions of steem and get steem back to at least a couple of dollars if people are going to take steem as a real competitor. This is our chance to get back into the spotlight and convince people this is the network you want to build your dapp on. If we don't get back into, at least, the top 50 I don't see us onboarding a lot of devs. Price matters a lot to people.

I am open to changing the amount but 1,000 steem is a solid number. But please do more than 10 SBD and set it to steem so we can get as much off the market as we can.

We cannot say something is "an enterprise-level product," and only charge $10 for it. Honestly I would be fine if we charge $1000 and used that to get steem burnt.

How do you guys feel?

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The idea is to be cheap and plentiful. The price can always be changed later after it is a must have solution. Besides if an SMT is 10SBD and way better than a Tron whatever or other blockchain solution, people will abandon Tron en masse.

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A lower price point makes it more accessible, it's not about the price , just look at all the huge companies that don't charge their users like Facebook and Instagram

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I'm actually not quite sure why the focus is on it being an ICO platform. I thought SMTs are supposed to be a cheap an inclusive way for anyone to issue a token. It can be for personal blogs or fan clubs and the possibility is endless.

ICOs on the other hand is about raising money. Having partially to be blamed for the crypto winter, ICO is no longer generating hype and it's in fact more like a taboo. I think heading down this ICO path isn't doing good for this platform.

In my opinion 10$ for ICO is laughing price, almost everyone can run this.
It should be only for involved people, who thinks about big projects, not for everyone, who just want make quick exit scam.