Mistakes Of Other Crypto Sites That We Can Avoid Here

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Hey everyone,

Today I want to talk about what other crpyto sites have been doing wrong over the years in hopes we can learn from them and avoid those pitfalls here. It is much better to avoid the mistake than spend time and resources fixing it after. This is based on years of crypto experience and testing out various sites. I was even here on steemit for years.

1.) Hard To On-board People

This is one of the biggest mistakes I am seeing in the crypto world. To be fair it is not really a mistake as it is new tech and it will take time before it is as easy to use as non-crypto sites. But still people do not care about that. All they care about it how hard it is to make an account and how many days or weeks they have to wait to get in. This is why I like the idea of a verified and non-verified account. Lets make it as easy as we can to get as many people as we can using the site. It needs to be as easy as an email and a name.

2.) Too Complicated

There are too many sites that put the onus on the user to know what is going on. This is the site and this is the blockchain. People do not care. They want it to be easy to use and they want to use it in the way they are promised to. If you tell people you can make money here you better be able to make money here. If you tell people you don’t sell their data then don’t sell their data.

3.) Relying Too Heavy On Crypto

Steemit has been guilty of this for two years and now they are running ads in hopes to pay for operating fees. And even if the market does improve having to sell coins to pay for costs put a lot of selling pressure on the coin. You will need outside and constant revenue so make sure you are not selling the coin short. And you might even need to buy coins back if there are not reasons to hold and buy the coin for the users. I'm glad to see Leo running their own ads and bringing money in.

4.) No Direction

I see this in a lot of sites where they are heading in too many direction at once. You can only do so many things so pick a couple and do them right. Leo does not seem to have this problem as they clearly want longer pieces of higher quality. This will hopefully lead people joining that know what they are to post here and we can build with a group of content creators. Leo is strong on this as the type on content is known.

5.) No Point To Buy Coins Or Even Have Them

This is a problem a lot of ICOs are finding. Why did you even have a coin and why would people buy them in the future. Right now Leo has a great staking feature and I hope we continue to add more as the site grows. The more ways to use the coin the better

Any you want to add?


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Hmmm... Yeah, it's hard to convince people who don't care about crypto to invest their time on STEEM. I think it's getting better lately though. I like how Splinterlands are starting to give free accounts to new players.

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