The immigration says, 'It's just weird how you guys met' [Steem Meetup!]

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First of all, P Natty, I'm stealing you pics na ka! :D

Whatttt!! Another Steem-meetup! Feel like it's been a while but now that I think about it, probably not even that long ago with @chefsteve and @loveself when they were in Thailand a few weeks back. This time in LA!!!

Peter aka @pmlifecoach had contacted me before that he would be down to come pick me up at the airport to wherever I'd like to go.

Hey, I'm super thankful!!


I unluckily got stopped, waited hours at the immigration and had a long talk with the officer. They said, 'You're too pretty. We're not letting you in'.. Yeah.. right.. l had to answer, who you're gonna meet in LA, what are their names and how did you all meet??

'It's ... and we met on Steem, the decentralised bla di blah...'
'It's just weird how you guys met' (He really said that :D)

Well, anyways, 3 and a half hours has passed after the arrival. Guess what, @pmlifecoach has messaged me a few times with the last message 'Sorry not sure what happened, let me know you're OK when you can. Heading home now.'

I came out and texted him that I got some problem getting into the country, he right away texted me back 'I'm on my way back to Airport'

Hey, I'm super freaking thankful!!!

ps. I had met @pmlifecoach before in Bangkok and had a lot of meat together. Check out the vlog!

This time I was darn tired after 40 or so journey.. so no no, not even a minute of footage.

We then went to say hi and hang out with another Steemian I have been talking with since I started the platform. P Natty aka @nattytsteemit. This is my first time meeting her!! Chilled at her house for a bit. She kindly let me shower at her house before going out to have some drink together.

I was so tired literally + a bit tipsy from the big butt Magarita so believe it or not, I was just zzZz at the bar till the host guy came 'Sorry but you can't sleep here'..

Oops, I really just napped!

Dang it. I regret being too tired so that I forgot to snap a few photos. That's a sign that it will be the next times!!! :D (Excuse!)

Thanks again both P Natty and Khun Peter! Muchly appreciate you company and your warm welcome. If not because of you guys, I would totally have just sit there and cried at the airport after the long flight, long wait, long talk and all those.

Till next time <3

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All copy and photos are original content by me.


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There is a steem meetup in Tarzana (near LA) this coming Monday March 4.

This is for the @socalsteemit crew. Even though I am in Malaysia now, I am in this group since I used to live in San Diego. If any of you (all of you) can get to this meetup, I know you will have a wonderful time.

@derekrichardson is putting this together, and @melbookermusic will be there playing the blues. I hope you can attend! My son @bxlphabet will attend too, along with others I cannot remember. I will be so jealous and I want photos!!!!

In any case @waybeyondpadthai get lots of photos of Cali during your
visit, and you can enter them in the weekly @socalsteemit MyCalifornia contest for months to come :)

So sorry about your immigration hassles. I know so many in my nomad groups who have trouble getting in now or get rejected entirely. This is a FIRST though. Never have I heard of someone being too pretty. It's usually that they do not have enough stamps in their passport or that they have too many.

Have fun over there :)

Thanks for the info! Will check it out when have time :-):-):-)💙

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Those immigration officiers were from the stone age dont the know steemit and thst you can meetup😉 we are having a meetup in Aken Germany in 3 weeks

Hahaha 😬😬😬😁

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Lets enrole AirPort staff for steemit onboarding, that would make waiting times at customs so much easier

Bwahaha, I actually told the guy to get on Steem with us! :D

And did he believe that there excisted such a place as steemit ?

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Did you go USA ? :))

Yes, I'm here now :-)

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Nooo... why there ? :)) why don't you go south america ?
There is more cool and lot fresh food also :)

Hahaha maybe I would meet my way down someday! :D

ok..ok :)) I hope soon you get there :) Steem up then this Mexico is also in my list where I have to go. But USA ...hmmmm I not trust this country, too many laws and too much spying in people's private lives by the state, that doesn't end well in the long run.
And worst of all, this country is bankrupt. Sorry I say this ... but it is so.

Hehehe, I had the same problem 10 years ago, they treated me like a criminal, since that time I don't go to USA..
Better stay in Thailand 😋
Have a great day

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Hahaha yeah, maybe this would be my last time coming here also.. well, Thailand is too hot and so much pm 2.5 tho lol

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You look so different. Never seen you in white before 😁

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I know. Gotta change my clothing style sometimes!!!

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ill keep an eye on Krungthep while you are away haha. We’ll be back here end of March most probs. #familytrip

Oh nooo!!! I'm gonna miss you guys!! I will be back on May 7 most likely. If you're around till then, would be so cool to meet you all! if not, have a super duper fam trip! :D

oh wow thats a great trip then! nope unfortunately we just have one little month in your wonderful country. enjoy the us!

OH, didnt know you were in la.

Yes, I was. I didn't know you there either! :D Otherwise we all would have met!