My fellow Steemians It's time to recuit Paul Joseph Watson to Steemit

in steem •  2 years ago

Paul Watson is finally fed up and done with YouTube after they keep demonetizing his videos. I think this is the perfect time to recruit Paul to Join Steemit were he is free to speak his mind without fear of being censored by the corporate social justice warriors.

Lets all blast Paul with messages on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to join Steemit





Here's my comment on Facebook. Short and sweet.


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He would cause a price spike for sure!


Welcome I always enjoyed your vids... and fck facebook theyre done anyway.. it was in our country in 2009 the bigger version of hyves.. but will end like hyves but facebook is explorering new markets like VR so still good investment

Nice...might do some hastling


now might be a good time.


Yes, it's definitely a great idea. We now have on the Steem blockchain, and Zappl launch is imminent.👌

I dont get how these big youtube channels arent already on steemit. Paul knows about bitcoin but he clearly never researches other coins or bothers googling censorship free sites.


I'm sure it's hard to switch over, another system, another set of rules, etc but he still could still post videos on YouTube and just post them here to spread the word and get some money doing it.

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