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RE: SCAM SCAM!- BE CAREFUL..... Help me plz......

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She is probably a HE using someone elses picture.

Did you not wonder how that person got your address?

Do not help out people who do not speak the same language as you and you can check out first plus simply ask for more prove. ID to start with, student card, visa, address in France, etc etc

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Really it hurts me and so much when i recall it that how i believed and why i did like that? I was in shock that is that me or mind in someone's control? I am not using my brain.this is my worst experience and i won't forget it and i won't do it again.

Try to figure out what was the reason you did believe this story... was it the picture? Because this is your weak spot! And before you know it you fall for it again!

I easily believe the sad stories too but not any longer. Two scammers from Nigeria told he how they do it. Now I am alert.

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First whenever asks help i ready to do help because i don't say no easily and second thing is girls.i will be attracted to girls as i am a boy.but from onwards i will be careful about this

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