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RE: Officially launching EpicDice, a highly rewarding game on Steem!

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I mean how can I be sur than when you write the win probability is 50%, it really is.
I have played this dice games and people have argued that the contract was not auditable and therefore it was not transparent.
Do you understand what I am trying to say?


Yeah their response was a bit troublesome... i understand what you're saying it was an understandable request.

The win probability is just derived from the formula. Since possible rolled result would range from 1 to100, the win probability is always your prediction -1. Means it would be 49% if prediction is 50, 89% is prediction is 90. Simple as that.

The random winning number generation is coming from the transaction ID of the bet, which is produced by the blockchain randomly hence no one can really predict it. That's the whole point of the fairness of this game. Hence, the only way to verify the fairness of every game is to run the code in external JS editor in the Fairness tab as the formula is open sourced.

Hope this make things clear for you, or you can join our Discord for more questions.

I just played. Lost 100 STEEM, you didn't answer my question and I had 7 times in a row 85+ rolls which is odd. I don't trust you.

We've answered all of your questions. The system is absolute fair. Let us explain how the result is calculated base on your bets:

  1. Based on your last bet with us, the TransactionId was be22d1171f23a1f68ec64974cb2314bc1bc49215.

  2. Before you fire this bet, that TransactionId is non-existent and no one could predict it until you broadcast the transaction. And this very random hash is used for winning number generation.

  3. To verify this further, copy the Transactionid, head to the game site, click on the top right menu button, select *Fairness tab".

  4. Paste the Transactionid in the column and click verify. The Dice result should return the same number you've got just now.

  5. Or you don't trust the site enough, we open sourced the formula under the Code snippet in the same tab, which you can copy and run at external JS editor to verify the calculation.

No one is able to cheat in this game, including game developer. 7 times in a row 85+ is not odd and all are justifiable via the steps above. If you have more doubts, feel free to discuss with us in our Discord.

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