ANN: Virtualgrowth Proof of Concent of Non-Token Blocks Game

in steem •  2 months ago

Alpha Blocks of Non-Tokens Distribution Open to Ideas


Mixture of @thegame with @steemtokens @treasures & @treasure-hunting

Tokens will be distributed to participants on and off the chain at live events to help learn and get involved with various blockchains such as STEEM. Open to ideas and participation in an on and off chain proof of concept to be developed by participants.

What STEEM Tokens would you like to see distributed in Treasure Hunts or other forms

  • SBD
  • Steem Engine Tokens

    Vote on (non)token choices below and in other posts!

    nontoken (#78)

    non-token may be (non)distributed to account(s) with (treasure) rewards of this post in other (steem) forms

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nontoken (#78)