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RE: We are Making Good Progress

in #steem3 months ago (edited)

"While we do not agree, nor obviously support the recent hardfork..."

I think you mean the HF about to be undertaken.

"...we did add the ability to hide posts..."

You have deprecated the purpose of Steem by this action, and proved your hostility to freedom and the decentralization of governance that belies the words of this OP, and every assertion of support for freedom you have ever made in the past. Your rhetoric clearly is nothing of relevance, except as an attempt to fool anyone stupid enough to believe what you say, as your actions directly impose censorship and complete centralization of governance imposed on your hapless subjects.

Tomorrow I will be free of you, and your base aggrandizement of wealth and power that degrades society for your personal benefit. I could not more aptly state my personal sovereign rights and freedom than by moving to Hive. May you enjoy complete ownership of every Steem that exists, or ever will - because without a market besides yourself, it will have no value at all.

Just like your words.