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RE: My Road to 100000 Steem Power & Self-Improvement Log Day 38

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Free speech is very important. It is sad that some communities don't support that.
Nobody will get kicked or censored on my server for being politically incorrect.

It does not matter if it is sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, insults or whatever phobias and ism's are out there.

Everyone there can defend themselves there and discuss.

Anyway, much success to you too and we will win!


Here is the link to join my community on discord:

(You can become an admin if you are active every day and introduce members to the community and kick spammers.)


That's right, there must be that freedom of expression in a server that is called discord for something.

Now that I can organize better with my time, I will be able to see if I will be able to accept the position, although I tell you that I would love to be an administrator, but I do not want to fail in any way.
For now I will register the server :)

Awesome, see you in the chat!

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