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RE: In defense of finding value on Steem

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Finding value on steem?by Bidbots? that you get them hidden???? So why dont you give your content value from real users? Not robots? Seriously i dont know why steem don't respect it's users veiw and just respect shitty bidbots and they are the ones that determine who should get the money and how about users ?nothing!!!!!


Too many bid bots. But they are a necessary poison. Bit bots drive demand for Steem. In the long term, we need to get Steem to a state where we don't need them.

As @transisto said that wasn't me, I don't use bid bots but I can't stop other people if they want to express their support by using them.

My sentiments exactly. I hate the fact that you have to be able to afford to pay out the nose for bid bots in order to get any traction on Steemit. Proof of Brain has become Proof of Vote Bot. I'd honestly prefer it if Steemit Inc just literally swiped everything from these jackasses to kill their bots usefulness and hopefully regain actual quality on the steemit front page instead of all the bought shit.

The traction here was organic more or less. I do know some of the larger supporters from having been here a while but I didn't ask for it or pay for it. I can only assume they liked it.

This is what i exactly mean. We were supposed to have proof of brain system not proof of shitty bidbot voters. I think now some of centralized platform even are better than steemit to earn money. It 's not just about money . The main issue is injustice . This botheres us.

It largely depends. Honestly I'm not here particularly for the money, anything that comes in I'll end up using as either a means for some sort of writing contest or powering up. My powering up would only serve to benefit those who write content I enjoyed reading or supporting the disabled writing about their disabilities. I'd like to use more bots to keep up but honestly, I've learned that where you and I are, unless we're shelling out some serious cash we're not catching up.

So the only thing we can do is just create our content for the sake of creating our content and just hope that our content is useful or entertaining to someone down the road without any compensation of any kind. I know it's a little disheartening and easily takes away encouragement, but honestly I enjoy writing and creating content, even if I'm not being paid for it.

I just wish it were easier for others to find. One of my other issues I take with Steemit is that tag spam isn't controlled. Garbage content floats to the top of all the tags. In order for your stuff to be hopefully seen by someone, you have to share to discord servers that have a self promotion topic and literally wait.

Sometimes a curation group like Curie will happen along your content too.

These kinds of concerns are the things driving me here. I'm thinking about this all the time, you've said it well. Thanks.

Just have to chill and write for the sake of writing. I view Steemit very similar to how I view Facebook. All the popular, fake as hell people float to the top. :p

I brought the votes on the post. You should use tools like and learn to associate action to users, the blokchain is public and transparent.

BTW I've also hidden the publicity left by the promobots.

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