Yes, did you read them? There are other collaborations 🙂 collaboration was encouraged.

I believe they just wanted people to know that the 3 proposals previously submitted had turned into one.

We asked them to send us quotes, I didn’t see that as something that “advertised” a project.

Yes, read them all. No worries, all fine - at least some people know marketing which is good for this blockchain. I do appreciate all the guys from project #4 it is only the mentioning of top blockchain celebs that will automatically encourage many to simply go for that one without reading anything - I am in marketing since over 20 years.

All good!

Edit: I'm sorry, for some reason when I responded to this (probably before coffee) I thought you meant the proposal quote that mentioned how much money it would bring in.. apparently I can't count. It was pointed out that you meant the one containing the names.. which even though the thought I believe was transparency, I understand what you mean now.

If I would have actually realized that earlier, and the way it was being seen as.. I would have suggested an edit. I apologize. I am not sure why I was confused. Which is why I said I didnt see how saying they would bring in a profit was "advertising their project.".. I edited my comment above.. I feel like a doofus.

Thank you for bringing it up, it seems they saw it and then they requested an edit.

Haha, thanks @llfarms - I am used people do not understand me as of two reasons:

1 - My english is crap
2 - I am male

Thanks fpr checking in again.

Nah, that wasn’t you.. that was all me. I reread your comment and it made sense. I should not answer questions first thing in the a.m., not sure how I goofed that up.

Anyways, thanks for understanding and I hope that requested edit helps things, as the focus very much should be the structure of the proposals themselves.. not people’s names. Sorry again about that. Have a good one!

No wonder no one listens to you...

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