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RE: How to never have a missed upvote again!

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Hello @jamislee, just checked, it looks like you have gotten your upvotes 1x every 24 hours like you are supposed to:


The increased delegation amount will be reflected on your next post when it gets upvoted.

As a special offer to you, we have noticed that you post 2x per day and have a large delegation... Would you prefer to get 2x upvotes per day and the rest paid in liquid steem or would you prefer to get the 1x upvote per day and the rest in liquid steem? We are open to whichever option you prefer. :)

Let us know your thoughts on this, and thank you for your delegation! :)


하루에 1번의 찬성 투표를 받기를 원합니다.
그런데, 20배로 업보팅한 게 맞습니까? 나의 포스팅을 확인해보세요.
(구글 번역)
I want to receive 1 vote per day.
Is it normal to upvote 20x? Check out my article.

Yes, you will receive 20x your upvote value for your delegation. If the upvote alone cannot cover the entire 20x value, we will ship you liquid steem to cover the rest. The liquid steem will ship on the next day after your delegation, which in your case will be today. :) Hope this helps answer your question and please let us know us know if you have any other questions!

나의 지갑 들어온 253.700스팀을 확인했습니다. 어떻게 이런 일이 가능한가? 그저 놀라울 뿐입니다.
(구글 번역기/ Google Translator)

My wallet checked 253.700 steem. How is this possible? Just let me be patient. It's amazing.

화면 캡처 2023-02-12 050836.png

‘Received 253.700 STEEM from upex. Overdelegation liquid steem payment 2/11’

Haha glad you enjoyed it! Keep in mind as more steem power comes in from other users your upvote will get bigger on your posts but the liquid steem you receive will go down. The liquid steem covers whatever is not covered by the upvote. Thanks for using our service. :)

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