It's often just noise. Sometimes I'll check to see if they are leaving the same comment elsewhere and if so, post a picture of their comments and flag them.

At least I'm not seeing as many, "Follow for follow! I just followed you! Tee-Hee!!!"

Those folks think this is like Twitter or Instagram, LOL!!!

Write something meaningless and quick many many times and you may get something here and there must be their plan, is my guess ;-)

LOL! Just trips me up, too funny.

Don't foget the self upvote of the follow for follow post.

Haha! Good one! I should probably write a short "Top 5 Annoying things to avoid doing in Steemit"

Haha we've all been there right guys.......guys...... looks nervously around room🙃

Oh yeah, of course. It's what I kept doing myself until I started to learn where that magical fairy steem dust comes from...the reward pool. That's the part that takes a while to understand and wrap your head around.

And I can't honestly say I know what formula is used to determine that...I just know it's there and it should be respected.

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