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RE: Steepshot releases new feature allowing creators to post short videos.

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What has happened with you all?

The service has declined over the past few months. Feed is not updating, profiles not updating. Uploaded content pushes to the blockchain but not to Steepshot. App is no-longer available on Google playstore, the Discord is quiet with no responses, and..... there hasn't been an update in months.

What happened? Was this project disbanded? Did the drop in Steem value sink this ship?

This was my favorite app and implementation of Steem, I'm sad to see it ... fade into nothingness.. please come back!

Please come back.....


Wow, i was just searching the same thing and came across this comment. I cant access discord so i dont know if any news has been posted

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I just get errors every time i try to post on the steepshot iOS app.

Is this project dead or what? No updates in a while

I think the project has been abandoned.

Come Fucking on! REALLY???????

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