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RE: Steem.Supply Update: Displaying SBD / STEEM Payouts Breakdown

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For future people reading this post. At HF20 the numbers have changed to :

If SBD supply is less than 9% of the entire STEEM supply, the blockchain prints 100% SBD.
If SBD supply is more than 10% of the entire STEEM supply, the blockchain stops printing SBD entirely
If SBD supply is between 9% and 10%, the blockchain prints SBD according to this formula: 100% * ( 10 - debt), where "debt" is the above percentage between 9% and 10%.


thanks for this, appreciated. I already posted the relevant HF20 SBD / STEEM printing updates a few weeks ago in this post:

but seems like this one is more popular.

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