I want to give out 3 100% upvotes today!

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I want to give out 3 100% upvotes today on great post made in the last 24 hours.

Did you see any post in the last 24 hours that you think is deserving of more rewards? Post them below, and I will select 3 for 100% upvotes.

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Tarazkp always brings the fire. Lucky to have such a high quality, consistent creator.

Totally agree with that. And exactly the reason why I did the suggestion. Thanks man, he deserves it.

Cheers for the compliment and the support Dan.

Thank you so much for the mention mate.

My pleasure. Well deserved man (and not only for the one above).

Thank so much for the support @monster-one and @theycallmedan🤗

I am a sucker for a good drawing video. I used to watch em on YouTube all the time before I got my fill here. So many great artist on Steem! Thanks for the share!

Yes, Steem is full of talented people, we must do something like: Steem got talent, greetings. :)

Saw some great posts earlier this week but in the last 24 hours, this would be my pick: https://steemit.com/travelfeed/@gabrielatravels/let-s-travel-together-115-casa-mila-barcelona-tour Another awesome travel post by @gabrielatravels.

Btw must agree with the guys above, the number of self nominations has been growing here alarmingly. Come on people, let´s be a bit less egocentric ;)

Thank you so much for another nomination dear friend! My heart skips a bit every single time I see people appreciating my work and all the efforts I put in creating a post :)

My pleasure as always Gabriela ;)

It's amazing how many people saw their own posts 😂 this place cracks me up.. I'm just gonna say no

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I was thinking the same thing. The lack of self-awareness that it takes to not see that the spirit of this post was to promote the work of others and not to shamelessly promote your own stuff for a chance at an upvote.

I really enjoyed your recommendation fyi and if Dan sees this I second @joshman nomination.. What an epic!

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You should recommend one of mine and vice versa then



Dang, seen too late (found as about to pass another partiko user on points) lol

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Missed the window for this, but a presumably worthwhile message I put together about Bitcoin & Steem.

I will likev to my your 100% upvote on my last post ,this will mean a whole lot to me @theycallmedan

Thank you

Thank you @geekgirl :)

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Well made
Need to encourage more diverse content as such
Totally wanna see it on trending


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This drools worthy cookies by @gringalicious 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Am sick atm and so wanting cookies, but cannot hold down anything but water 😭


So. Sorry to hear, hope you recover soon and get back to cookies life..

I like your cunning idea to promote each other BTW 😂

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thanks! feeling much better today!

Real talk here with @chrisrice. He is passionate about Steem and is a genuine, kind hearted family man.


Not his best post but doing his best everyday to make a nice read, one of the few daily reads remaining for me. Already a 10% vote would be supportive, thanks.


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It's been 48 hours but I think this post needs more attention here than reward😛


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its a little bit weird to nominate myself but I really think this one deserves some more attention :)


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You mean the person that is spamming people on Discord continuously?