What was the best Steem article/video you've seen this week?steemCreated with Sketch.

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Any topic. Comment with the link to the Steem article/video below. The most popular comments will win a big upvote for their favorite Steem content creator, and I will fish around and upvote some of my favorites as well.

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Hey Dan, I hope you don´t mind that I got inspired by your initiative and came up with something similar. Currently hosting the third round. Little engagement so far but the previous rounds helped me discover some nice undervalued posts that I upvoted. Thanks for the inspiration man. Btw feel free to submit your nominations to this upvote giveaway, guys. Just read those few simple rules please.

Excellent initiative!

Thank you for your support Dan. Much appreciated. I just hope I will get some engagement in this series too :D

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This is the article that I've read this week. It's one that has the most comments way over 1K expressing their dissapointments and disgust on how they were scammed by magicdice.


There are lots of articles which I really like a lot, everyday every content creators working hard on their post. It's really hard to describe which article is the best when you are surrounded by so many quality content creators... So for me choosing one creator is really tough job... hahaha... But today I am selecting a small but innovative content which really touch my heart infact after seeing the post I went to the location to see what exactly is that...

This is the content UNICEF placed this contraption at the Kharkov regional palace of children and youth ...

This post touch my heart because I went to the location to check what is that structure all about... I hope you will also like my choice...

I found this article the most motivating and it helped me focus on what is important. Happiness. We can choose to be happy, no matter the circumstances.

I choose to be happy

An important subject that is forgotten about way too often.



This gives a clear insight of STEEMIANS attitudes towards STEEM in the coming years, that is about 99% of STEEMIANS view STEEM as having a slim chance of reach the apex among the cryptocurrency, whiles only 1% have hopes of STEEM being one of the successful crptocurrency in the World. I was indeed convinced about this video made by you.

This is mine:


I'm on this list again thanks to your delegation Dan, and moved up about 40 places since last week. I'm all about helping the little guys succeed here, and after I got on this list, I have tried harder to find steemers under 55 rep that are worth supporting. There are so many of them!

Considering my 100% vote is 5-6 cents, it is kind of pitiful that I am on this list. But we have to start somewhere, and I know these little blogs are grateful for my attention (and yours by extension.)

I have been following @boddhisattva since I got here 2 years ago and learn all kinds of good steem-stat info. The posts on this blog get very little reward (under 50 cents) so your support would be awesome in any way.

So glad to see you back and active again!

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Greetings, @theycallmedan
I have read quite a few excellent posts these past days, most of them have already gotten quite a few good upvotes already.

For a recommnedation, especially if the post will get a good upvote, I'd offer the following one I just read, by @intenutter


It's an interesting fictional world, the fantasy/ideal of anyone who has ever wonder "where is God?" "Can people really develop super powers?" Where is justice?" "who deserves the power to change things"?

Even though I may not totally agree with the premise, the fictional excercise provides a very insightful scenario where we can play with possibilities and the realities that inspire them.

oh, man, I liked the post of @shadowspub about the incoming hardfork. I was always thinking that 50/50 is good for our blockchain but, I'm not sure now. Her post really made me think about this all. How whales will act after that. Will it motivate creators to stay and not power down and to create more ? Will that keep all these awesome creators here ? A lot of questions I have about that, just like she has.

Also the other changes are not so clear to me and I'm running a poll in twitter where everyone will vote if they want those changes to happen or not.

In the next ''Our Steem'' show we will talk about it with community leaders, you maybe interested to join us as well. It will be in ''The Ramble'' community at 2 pm est time in this wednesday already.

Anyway, check her post here, I'm sure you will like it.


One of my favourite posts I came across last week was created by @catlady.natascha


She has a wonderful story about the birds living next door and video clips of woodpeckers.

Hello there. I loved this article about how to maintain a train modelling setup clean.


Interesting to see how some of the trains clean the tracks as they go.

Here is another, as the Human Blockchain takes off: https://steemit.com/@dreemsteem/my-wiggle-is-official-steemclan-is-the-best

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Yeessssssss WIGGLE AWAY, STEEMIANS!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

So glad to see you here sharing.

All of us in our lives are looking for a higher goal. We live in the same spiral of questions: Who are we? Why are we here? what should we do? Do we live the life we ​​have to live?

Dear friend @theycallmedan, If you want to answer these questions, I recommend that you read this article (Why are we here?) by @horpey

Hi Dan!
Do you want a MANNEQOIN postcard?
I'm trying to interact in a different way with my followers ;-)



This was a very informative post teaching people how to make legit passive income online. The highlight of my best post this week.

i usually don't recommend my own posts but this one might inspire people to start tokenized businesses! an idea worth sharing imho.

I like this post because it talks about a Legend who fought for democracy in my country

This is an awesome write on procrastination

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This is best motivational post I have seen and read this week. To those who are going through depression or want to know how to handle life caliber, check out this post, you will get inspired and motivated!

It's nice to me, because we all just try to improve ourselves, but we do not try to improve those new ones. So, in my opinion, such initiatives should be taken more so that newers can keep their interest-

It is my own steemit post about "What is upvote" visualization GIF. =) May be you will take a look at it. Waiting for your nice comment if it sense something. https://steemit.com/gif/@bidesign/what-is-upvote-gif

@Uyobong told me about the "Operation Mass Adoption to Steem" contest hosted by @Steemonboarding. His determination to support the contest as shared in his post awesome. He has a great heart for STeem.


Welcome back @Theycallmedan

@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below Blog Post for your reference. This blog post is shared by @surpassinggoogle and this includes great news and that is, in my opinion now we can create our own ULOG Communities very simplistic way and in ULOG Ecosystem so many exciting things are happening.

Hope that you will create one community tag there, where you will drive your own world.


Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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This is the content I engaged the most with this week, so I'm nominating it:


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Welcome back. Shameless self promo on an extensive post on a passionate subject linked here.

We are celebrating our six month anniversary. @brittandjosie and myself, @xcountytravelers, are excited that we have achieved what we have. Our goal is to encourage others to find new Steemians and help to encourage and teach them by introducing them daily. So we are celebrating with four weeks of contests between @heyhaveyamet and the @steemterminal. Here is the first week's contest.



Video showing DFA's coach teaching football technique (Goal keeper and Footballers) as well as football drills.
Thanks for your support 🙏

My best video of this week....


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I liked this one:


People who like Steem should be paying attention to it.

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Funny I was just thinking about tying private keys to Face/Finger prints for normies and mass adoption. Can't lose your keys unless you lose your face!

Thanks. I felt @launch3d was on to something. The keys with Steem are definitely a nuisance for many.

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Here a new user who begins with forces in his letters, reminds me of me when I started, my first publications were poems, I like the enthusiasm of the boy, I think it deserves a boost, the first times I received a vote filled me with joy!