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Greetings to all Gem Guardian Family,

I am sending this message thinking that I have successfully completed the testnet. And I'm here to speak my mind. My thoughts are purely user comments.

First of all, the game is very well thought out and made in terms of graphics quality. This is very pleasant and enjoyable as a user. The system of the game is very simple, at a level that every player can easily learn and experience. This is very valuable in terms of attracting the attention of other players.

In the game, you are given the right to play as much as the energy given after taking guardians and dragons. This means that the energy of the 4 guardians and 4 dragons we bought ends at the same time. Unfortunately some of the crypto games I've experienced weren't crafted properly. I must say that Gem Guardian was successful in this sense.

The Exp, Aura and Reward GPay system in the game works without any problems. I did not encounter any problems. I have experienced almost everything in the game. There were only 2 things I couldn't experience:

These are NFT Stake and Market.
I couldn't try NFT Stake because I haven't accumulated 10,000 points yet. But I think it will work fine. I'm waiting for 10,000 points by staking my GemGs.

You can sell Market, Guardians and Dragons in the Market. However, when I tried to buy it because there was not enough BUSD on the testnet, it was said as insufficient amount. And that's because I don't have BUSD in my BSC Metamask Testnet account. But I think it will work without any problem.

General Comment
I think the game will progress successfully and confidently in general. I always think about increasing the amount of GemG in my hand and I am working for it. It is very important for the team to experience this game to users. So thank you very much. Gem Guardian I'm sure we will see you in very good places.


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