Which anti-abuse initiatives on Steem do you know?

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Alright, I've received an amazing response in my previous post asking my fellow Steemains about curation-initiatives.

And I'd like to do it again, however this time regarding anti-abuse/spam accounts. Specifically against plagiarism & spam.

I'm already aware of @steemcleaners, @cheetah, @blacklist-a, @buildawhale blacklist & @spaminator.

Are there more? If yes, then please let me know if they downvote (e.g. steemcleaners), comment (buildawhale) or upvote (cheetah)?

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@flagawhale , or if that counts, @heimindanger has built a mass downvote automation tool at https://steemwhales.com/clean-trending/

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Hello @therealwolf, you should come by @steemfagrewards and see what we do. https://discord.gg/Rd2pjBM
We work with other abuse fighting teams, blacklists and bidbot owners to combat abuse.
We have a group of dedicated flaggers that flag spam and plagiarism daily.
We have a broader scope than steemcleaners and can flag and combat items they dont bother with. IE Plagiarism of Youtube videos, plagiarism of photos no matter what the tag is. Steemcleaners doesnt consider it plagiarism on a picture if there is no #photo, #art ,or #photography tags.
We have stricter guidelines on copy/paste.
Many great witnesses like yourself work with us. Come see what we do.

@mack-bot by Patrice

I never knew any other one, other than the ones you mentioned. Thanks to the useful comments, I now know about @steemflagrewards and it is doing pretty good

Global Blacklist API which is by extension the @buildawhale blacklist, but now includes SteemCleaners, Utopian, and MinnowBooster's blacklists.

I don't know of any other. I've seen @steemcleaners and @cheetah playing their role in flagging spam and plagiarized contents. But they can't be Evey where at the same time, so we still have plagiarized contents that go unpunished

Well, there's also @lince, wich is kinda like cheeta but for spanish posts.

@abusereports flag, comment anf vote

@quarantine for phishing accounts

Abuse fighting powered by Python and Discord has become my niche for about the last 244ish days.

As my colleagues noted below, @steemflagrewards and @flagawhale are the main efforts. The former has had a resurgence of support but we still have a way to go to address the breadth of blockchain abuse and shenanigans.

The latter will be put into play soon but we have had significant success quelling some whale abuse but whale support for flagging has been crucial. I am working on streamlining the processes for flag rewards campaigns and developing the means for putting it in the hands of the regular user.

My biggest limitation at the moment is resources (and time as I work a FT job) but I plan to stage the apps on my old Dell and hopefully get them production ready to deploy to cloud.

Perhaps, you can give me some pointers on successful app deployment as I am pretty much treading new ground. Thanks for giving abuse-fighting your consideration.

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For the Spanish community is @lince, also an incredible cleaner (since two years ago) is @walden

@smartsteem personal blacklist and whitelist :)) In case you should have missed that one. lol.

Why do I see value in following you?

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I have reported fake identity accounts to @steemcleaners .. never used any else..


what is the behavior to fake identity acc? how can you spot them? thanks


Some people post famous youtuber's content here with a same/similar username...if you report them to @steemcleaners , they will reach out to OC creator to verify , if not verified the fake account will be flagged.


do you even get something out of reporting them? if not why bother? cheers!


Monetary benefit - not much

It's mostly a reputation protection for steemit thing..

Sincerely am not aware of spaniator but I have heard of the other ones.

Perhaps initiating a new one will still be useful for the protection of ones product or article.

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@flagfixer seems to be a bot that tries to minimise the damage of troll campaigns (example: https://steemit.com/deutsch/@flagfixer/flagfixer-re-jaycemsommerloch-ich-hasse-dich)

Would it be incorrect to infer that your definition of abuse ignores the abuse of flags?