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I just wanted to make a quick thank you post for the huge support on yesterday's call-to-action.

Steem on Coinbase? Let's do it!

Quite a few, very well thought & highly valuable, comments had been written and hundreds of Steemians clapped to show their support.


Additionally, some Steemians (among @firepower, @blewitt, @destinysaid and more) decided to share the initiative with posts of their own.

There's just one word to describe this:


Regardless of what happens, one thing is clear: our Steem community is strong!

I wish all of you a great weekend!


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We must not stop fighting, steemit is big and will grow much more
Greetings from Venezuela

We are great Community. We are steem 😃😃
What's going on with price I don't care I'm always here with steemit

  ·  10 months ago (edited)

As showed at the different events, the community on steem is the key of success.

If we develop/use/create together the different apps running on the steem Blockchain - than that baby will be huge!!

your @detlev

We're one big, close-knit family. We came to stay. Long live Steem.


I think it will take more than hope to get listed on Coinbase. We need to find out how much Coinbase is charging for the listing fee and pool our money together to pay that fee.

Wishing the best for it then because it's best for everyone :)

Hey Wolf! Are you on Telegram?

and thx for posting about it! might not have come across it otherwise.. ✌ some great comments on that thread! hope to see coinbase reconsider soon :D

Hi, @therealwolf!

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Greetings from Russia.
Steem forward!

I haven't commented at coinbase yet, but 'did' make a few calls to Globalist friends of mine who said that they're taking Steem under consideration to adopt as the 'Premium' crypto coin. Firstly...the 'math' has to stop 'changing', and Steem needs to be tied to 'Carbon Credits' in order to gain full support.

Oh...I almost forgot...They said that 'Steemit' MUST NOT be scrapped either...and that 'content creators' on steemit must feel adequately rewarded for the work they do as well...Otherwise, the deal is 'off' :>)