STEEMship to Mars - Step 1: Witness Voting

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I'm completely serious right now.

Do you want Steem to go to Mars and beyond?

Taking its rightful place back in the TOP 5?

Then make sure you vote for Witnesses. You've got 30 votes and every vote counts.

If you haven't done it, please read my previous post (Fantastic Witnesses And How To Find Them) where I explain what a Witness is, what they do and how to find good ones.

Witnesses are not only block-producers but also talented individuals/teams who get paid by the blockchain and you can take part in the selection who gets supported.

Imagine we'd have enhanced, or even more, projects like:

Steem MonstersTrading Card Game on the blockchain@yabapmatt & @aggroed
Privex HostingPay for servers & hosting with crypto. Privacy is #1.@someguy123
SteemfestBringing Steemians together in an official event@roelandp
Minnowsupport CommunitySupporting new Steemians and hosting amazing radio shows@aggroed
SteemPlusChrome Extension which deeply enhances Steemit@stoodkev
Utopian-ioRewarding open-source contributions & projects@elear (@utopian-io)
Blocktrades.usTrading SBD & STEEM easily & directly with other cryptos@blocktrades
SteemBlast Campaignin addition with stakeholder & investor interviews@timcliff
SteemifyThe mobile notifications app for Steem@blockbrothers
Global Blacklistin addition with ANTI Spam efforts@themarkymark
SteemcleanersAnti spam, fraught & plagiarism service@anyx & @patric
HelpieCommunity for bringing together and supporting Steemians@helpie
Smartsteem.comIncentivizing investors to invest in Steem@therealwolf (me)

and many, many more (please tell me in the comments which I've missed)

Imagine how much value this would bring to Steem and how the price would reflect that.

Now, this requires funding for development, staff, contributions, etc. etc.

And you can do something about it: with your vote.

Voting is as easy as 123

The best thing is: voting is very easy and completely free.

Step 1.) Go to
Step 2.) Click on the upvote-symbol next to a witness name
Step 3.) Confirm this action with your active-key or password.
Step 4.) ???
Step 5.) Repeat until 30 votes are cast or you've no more witnesses you want to vote on.

(Optional) Choose a proxy

Now, if you're not sure who to vote for, then you can also choose a proxy, which is voting with your voting strength. (Only for witness voting, not the normal voting).

And if you want, you can choose me as a voting proxy. I'm always giving my best to vote for excellent witnesses.

There are of course more than 30 excellent witnesses, but so far I've chosen pretty solid witnesses.

Simply follow this link: (change the name behind proxy= if you want another proxy)

Here are a few very experienced witnesses I can recommend if you want to choose another proxy:


My fellow Steemians, I might not be the best blogger on Steem (definitely not), but when I have an important message I want to share, then I'll just do it.

The crypto market is a very funky place. It's the wild wild west of the digital age and while there are many things that are outside the control of 99.9% of Steemians, there are still things you can do.

And one of these things is voting for good Witnesses.

If everyone is doing it - projects & development that bring value to Steem by witnesses will be supported and indirectly, the Steem price will (might - crypto is still a funky place) increase.

And with that said:

Let's just do it! :)


PS: Share your favourite DO IT meme as comment (see above). The best memes will receive an upvote by moí. But only if you've voted for at least 15 Witnesses. (doesn't have to be me, but you should be able to explain why you have voted the specific witnesses)

Witness Infrastructure:
Primary Node: 128GB - v0.20.0 | Backup Node: 64GB - v0.19.12 | Seed Node: 64GB - v0.19.12

Projects I've developed on Steem: > Investment & Promotion Service on Steem
Steem Chat-Wallet & Witness Essentials > Github:

If you believe that I'm of value for Steem, then please vote for me as witness. You can also set me as a proxy and I'll vote with your stake.

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I didn't know that you @therealwolf are the developer of Smartsteem. I am using your service as my primary promotion service here on steemit. And I like it very much. So just letting you know that I have just voted for you as a witness-proxy to support the project I am constantly dealing with and just letting you to choose witnesses instead of myself)) Hope you vote those 15 witnesses for me so I can participate in the contesT of moi or мой upvote))

And of course Doit Meme as the picture for this comment.



Thank you very much for the proxy-vote and the gif. Never seen that one before!

And I'm glad that you enjoy Smartsteem!


Thank you for your great Service! I recommend it to all new people who are coming here from my side. I have just also followed you to stay in touch. Will see you around!)

hey mate I didn't realise we had to use all 30 up. As I've been on here for a while now great witnesses reveal themselves

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It's not a must to use all 30 votes, especially if you're not sure who to vote for, but it's better to use up all 30 votes for witnesses you've researched :)


Yes indeed as mostly my witness discovery has been from exploring steem blog posts. It's like some usernames stick out more than other's and you start backing the ones so walk the talk! I already have you in my witness votes from the past as I do like reading the techy stuff you publish.

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Aw. You forgot about @blockbrothers man. We’re of Steemify fame, The mobile notification app for the steem blockchain.

Anyways, agreed, witness voting is important. Good job continuesly bringing it to peoples attention 👍🏻 You’ll continue to keep our vote.


Steemify is the best good to see you added them @therealwolf


Of course! Added you as well!


Thank you for all that you do for us all @therealwolf :-) You are of course one of my 30 votes ;-)



Haha, that's pretty dark! I like it. Thank you!

I think, you missed the most important one @curie, which I believe is doing the great job for the community since long time.

I decided for the fast proxy way. Thanks man. =) To the mars!


Thank you for entrusting me this decision!

Hey there :-)
It seems that you have missed probably the most important, or at least one of the most important projects on Steemit which is Steemcleaners :-)
It was funded by witnesses @anyx (also creator of cheetah bot) and @patrice (also creator of spaminator).
There are also 3 other important witnesses in the Steemcleaners team: @guiltyparties @pjau and @pfunk

BTW voting for any witnesses in the top 20 doesn't do anything. Witness #20 earns the same as witness #2. The only difference between the 20 top witnesses is that the top witness, @gtg, has the ability to do account recovery for some mined accounts, but this isn't very important.


Voting for witnesses in the top20 does a lot for security of the platform, reducing chances that due to unexpected events, malicious party would be able to vote in bad actors. Of course that makes sense only if you really support those witnesses.

!gif it’s time to do it people!


Seems that the gifbot had a few propblems trying to encypher what you meant. But anyway - thanks for the gif!


Hey yeah the @ GifBot seemed great in their introduction post but they’re really terrible at gathering relevant memes 😏

@therealwolf decided just to go ahead and set you as my proxy because I wasn't using all of my 30 votes and you are better at selecting the witnesses that are actually contributing to this blockchain and the Steem ecosystem, thank you for the updates and all the hard work


Thank you for trusting me with this decision!

i already voted you! @therealwolf


Thank you!


Your welcome ....I want to see steem on moon do it what you can !

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Just upvoted for your witness @therealwolf you are doing an awesome job for the community!

Gracias @therealwolf por enseñarnos como podemos distribuir nuestros votos de witness en la comunidad de Steemit


my comments


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Du hast mir mit smartsteem echt geholfen! You'll have my vote!

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helpful article.

i have upvote almost all your recomendation sir :)
hope steem can go to the mars (XD maybe moon at least) again XD

Will go to
Mars and moon very soon , u are right , I agree with you , this is because steem is good platform and it has Nand people working on it

I just voted for three witnesses.

you sure are busy busy.

i already set up my proxy some long time ago, but i hadnt had the time to post about how important it is to vote here on steemit for a witness.

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I have discovered most of the projects I like by finding these witnesses and their thoughts on how to add value to the ecosystem. Although I have not chosen all 30 yet, I prefer to go through the process to see how they are adding the value to provide them the vote. It is a slower process but it allows me to dive into the projects to see how it benefits the platform in the long run. Truly great guys around this ecosystem proving their worth!

Good work brother.
Keep it up.

A bit confused about voting for witness @therealwolf

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Wow! Man!
You're good at what you do...
Grace to continue adding more value to Steemit....
This is awesome

Nice sharing, helpful post my dear

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I try to be positive but the witness situation on this blockchain has always been a joke and always will be. I hate to say it. It is one of the biggest problems here for sure. Guys just linger around and oftentimes they aren't even working on STEEM related stuff. It is just a fund raiser for EOS projects and other things.


Witnesses-members of Steemcleaners directly work for the platform solely :-P


That's wrong on so many levels. There are witnesses that are like that, but not all of them. Especially not me and I think I have enough proof/actions to back that up.


The market has spoken. People believe more in Doge and Bytecoin which had 2 years worth of reverse Ninja mine more than they like the whale hangout oligarchy that has never been addressed here on STEEM. Everyone is rolling their eyes at STEEM. It is like the super talented kid who started doing meth.

Im supporting some of the witnesses mentiomed above. Its good that you introduce the others too. Will look into it. Thanks😊

I'm a new steemit user.
I will do vote and comment for everyone.
I gave you a vote!
If you follow me, I will also follow you in return!

We all want the steem block chain and anything relating to steemit to progress. I am new here, i will check out your top 30 withness

Hi! thanks for the information!

I would like to do what you've said but I'm afraid to click on anything in case it's a virus or one of the bad things going around


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