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So, I've been reading quite a lot of posts lately, and a few times I stumbled upon a statement about the trending page on Steem being to Steem-specific. Meaning: too much content about Steem is on there.

And well, I think this is completely the right direction for the current phase of Steem and here is why.

The Trending Page

When we're talking about the trending page, we're essentially talking about which posts received the most rewards compared to their post-age.

A post could have 20 STU in pending-rewards with 2 hours post-age and would be higher trending than a post with 100 STU & 5 days post-age.

The Reward Pool

An important factor are those rewards which are being created out of a shared resource called the reward pool.

Now, the reward pool could be seen as this magical thing, just printing money, that is being given away by stakeholders. It's essentially doing that, but with a huge cost! It's creating inflation, which dilutes everyone's stake.

Inflation? What's that? If you have 1 Steem and there are 2 Steem in total, but the next year there are 3 Steem, your 1 Steem has essentially lost 50% of its value.

So with this in mind, it should be very clear, that trending posts, could also be referred to as posts that give the most value to Steem, thus having the "rights" to the most rewards.

Rewarding Steem Contributions

How long did it take for Steem to have an extension like Metamask? It tooks us more than 2(!) years, to have @yabapmatt & @stoodkev step-up to the task.

And the amount of rewards they received for it, is a joke in comparison to what other people milked out of the system for content that brought absolutely no value back to Steem. It's cool that you've had a great day at the beach, but does this really need to be funded with Steem?

Fact is, the reward pool can and should be used an incubator for projects that bring Steem forward, increasing it's price and thus increasing the amount of USD being given out from the reward-pool.

Infinite Amount of Quality Content

One could argue that quality content brings value to Steem by attracting quality content creators to Steem, which is somewhat true. But there's a big catch: there's an infinite amount of content available but the reward pool & the trending page is finite.

If you know SEO; you know that the most important position in any search ranking is by far the first place, then the second and then the third place. Same goes for the trending page.

So the question is: when people come to, Steempeak or another frontend, would you like them to see a post on the first page that is a random somewhat good post? Or would you like them to see something which gives them a bitter insight about what Steem is?

Spotlight for Steem Projects

I'd say the latter is more important at this point in time. We've still got the problem of many people not really understanding the difference between Steem & Steemit.

Most people don't know that Steem is home to many successful bootstrapped projects.

  • Splinterlands (@steemmonsters) is a multi-million dollar business, which kickstarted themselves successfully on Steem, without big-budget ala Gods Unchained.
  • @dtube is a very professional youtube competitor. Again, kickstarted themselves.
  • @steemhunt had a pretty successful IEO and even launched their newest project ReviewHunt.
  • @dlive left the Steem blockchain but wouldn't have reached at this speed the amount of success without Steem.

And many more.

The fact is: Steem is much more than people see on the first glance. Especially, when the trending page has been full of sh*t, which is completely irrelevant to Steem. (my previous points)

Steem's Trending Page About Steem

I mean honestly: it's seemingly okay for Bitcoin maximalists to talk about Bitcoin all day, every day and trashing all other projects. But Steem isn't even supposed to be used to reward content about itself?

To be absolutely clear: We don't need Banfield's talking about Steem!

What we need are ...

... more @eonwarped's, @yabapmatt's, @stoodkev's, @dmitrydao's, @steemchiller's, @holger80's, @asgarth's, @howo's and all those I haven't mentioned yet.

And of course, we also need @aggroed's, @justineh's, @taskmaster4450's, @coruscate's, @jarvie's, @theycallmedan's and all those others who are showing that Steem is not only rewarding computer geeks for their contributions, but also social content about Steem.

I don't even want to know what would have happened to the Steem price if those people and the many more I haven't mentioned wouldn't have been here in the first place. We would probably be out of the 100 and our future would look far less bright.

But this is not a situation we should rest on: we need more contributions that bring value to Steem and we need to properly reward them!

Or in other words: we need more STEEEEEEEEEM!


PS: 10% of the rewards are being burned to @null

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Have you checked out @vimm yet? The site is building a community where dLive left off, and bringing more people into the Steem fold.

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Yes, great project!

I thought the Proposal System was removing a percentage of rewards away from actual content producers, to pay folks for their Steem contributions. I thought those ads around help pay the bills, which alleviates some selling pressure. Preaching to the choir is a terrible idea. You'd never see Youtube's development information on their trending page, you'd see a variety of content meant to appeal to a wide audience. It's great that people do things for Steem, but we now have a proposal system and the authors already took a hit because of that. It's unwise to push actual content authors away just so we can sit here preaching to the choir. Actual content is what helps get clicks on those ads. A mix would be ideal. It's too bad we didn't have an 'announcements' tab where people could go to get their fill of new developments.

Yes! Trending page should simply reflect what the community values the most.

  ·  10 days ago (edited)

Some people never have enough.

Well, I'm not against folks earning for contributing. There just needs to be a balance. Without that, there's not much to motivate someone to contribute what they feel is worthwhile. All content producers need to know their product has the potential to draw in outside eyes, and those eyes could eventually be distracted by ads, and those ads help pay the bills, and those bills being paid allows everyone to own a token that's worth something. All of it matters. If I see a video with people joking around and it has nothing to do with Steem, that matters. A song matters. Science article. My posts! Your posts! It all adds value. Entertainment, in general, is big business; and that entertainment can be anything.

Exactly my friend.
I'm sick and tired of posts about steem. We already have had the trending page like today and it didn't help much.
And I'm afraid that some people just don't want to understand that. They profit in both cases. They can post and run the bot.

History does prove it didn't help much in the past. History also tells us, in times of change, there's more talk about the platform. So in all fairness I believe it's a bit early to begin these often pointless trending page debates all while hoping things begin to balance out over time, in order to gain the benefits a balance brings with it, down the road. It has also been difficult for some folks to understand the importance of that balance. Some of them did provide the tools to do a lot of damage in the past. That's the past though and I can only hope lessons were learned.

You are right. As of now steem and its new changes are the talk of the town. Almost all contents determined as high quality by the stake holders of the commmunity after HF21 were related to steem and speculation surrounding it. Its been 2 weeks now. This is the high time to get the dust settle. I hope we will be able to see more life in the trending page hereafter.

It's good to see quite a few Hf21 topics right now, as it gives people a better awareness of what it means and that #Steem is actually changing to #NewSteem. But at some point, it will become too much as there is only so much to write about HF21.

Everything is going smoothly till now but we really need more contributions....


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It makes sense as u say since right now there is SO much steem related development happening.. once it has evolved there will be more interest in other topics im sure..

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Already voted you for my witness. We need more strong investors to come around.

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Yes, I am also agreed with you we need more contribution to ensuring everything with the #newsteem.


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Interesting take. The trending page used to have content from topics other than just Steem or blockchain related, content that was good, sometimes even from new creators. It was a great p,ace to discover great new content. If it's only about Steem though, should it not be called Trending News? Perhaps there can bo two tending pages. One Trending News, or Trending Steem, and another Trending General, with a bunch of other topics, like it had before, to give creators a chance to perhaps make it there too.

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This post is less about trending and more about where rewards go. High rewards => likely to trending. Once we have communities, every community will have its own trending page.

Understandable frustration when Trending is all we have and communities have been nothing but an unfulfilled promise for two years.

That would be cool.

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Your views are 'subjetive', but also at the same time no less worthy than those opinions that promote diversity of our 'social blockchain'.

All of us, no matter what our individual views may be need to respect each other as individuals and accept that all niches are very important in every social network, especially Steem which promotes transparency and all inclusiveness for people of this world.


I find it quite absurd that you bring in all these soft topics (inclusiveness, etc) into your comment, while my post is clearly about explaining why I believe the reward pool should be used to enhance Steem and its ecosystem.

Everyone can post whatever they want on Steem, that doesn't mean it's in the best interest of stakeholders to reward everything.

Steem is like a big company and for the last few years, the budget has been mostly misspent.

Honestly, there is no reason not to mention it as it wasn't mentioned in the post. Your comment here could have been used to "fill in the gaps". You chose to attack the messenger instead of taking in the message.

Dude, it isn't an attack, it is simply stating that those who do not agree with you are no less worthy as contributors to a social network which is obviously made up of unique individuals.

Each niche may have various numbers of followers, so it isn't necessarily a bad thing if for example the people who are into idk, lets say "fiction writing" are the largest community utilizing what Steem has to offer.
All the power to them.

If you can appreciate that what you like and appreciate as an individual is just as valid and important to an all inclusive social network as is what other people like and appreciate.

My first impression after reading the post was/is "I think this is right and so should you".

Maybe the first impression was the wrong one, in which case I appologize, but if one person read it that way, maybe others did/do too.


My first impression after reading the post was/is "I think this is right and so should you".

Yes, I think this is the right thing to do and if you think otherwise, feel free to let me know and I'll be open to read, but we're most likely having to agree to disagree.

Read my comment, I fully support you expressing your views and am trying to ensure that those who disagree understand that all peoples views in a social network are important and should be respected.

Prevention is the best cure.


I'm fully aware that my post is polarizing and that was my intention. Obviously the reward pool will not be utilized 100% to reward only Steem-Centric content, even my post couldn't achieve that. Every stakeholder has his/her own opinion and this one is mine. And of course, I'm going to curate content that is also not about Steem, but this wasn't the goal of this post to make this clear.

I slightly agree with a less harsh "only steem" point of view. I think each community should vote it's relevant content.

We also need more support for @steemworld and people like @steemchiller ! ;)

Edit: Ah u already mentioned him. awesome! :D

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I read that in the same way that when Snake dies... Is that correct?


~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thanks a lot for mentioning me in a post. I really appreciate it. Good job in explaining tough concept to people cause the majority still don't get it.


I totally agree with you that there is way too much content on Steem about Steem! I want more just quality content. Give me more real content!

  ·  11 days ago (edited)

we are going back to what steem is.
How many topics about steem are there daily to write and not be repetitive? How many of people stumbling up on steem would join if all they see is posts about steem, that they know nothing about? Or should every steem post have a copy/paste introduction to steem?
in hf21/22 there is a proposal system for good project to earn steem and most probably if they pass the limit for financing they will be in trending.

Maybe this post isn't directed towards you? Have you ever thought about that? Maybe it's directed towards people who understand that if the trending page would be filled with amazing Steem-related projects, people (especially external) would have more incentives to actually do something valuable for Steem, instead of producing content that you can find anywhere else on the internet. Most of the content on Steem is far below average, by the way.

And since you've removed the part where you're mentioning my upvote on the post about non-steem centric content: I gave that one an upvote, because I respected the thoughts that person had invested in the topic, even though I disagreed with him, as you could have seen under my comment.

You know, the biggest problem of Steem is that there are thousands of cooks, but most of them have no clue what they're doing. And as soon one of them tries to get something done, those who have the least amount of knowledge, start making a tantrum.

in hf21/22 there is a proposal system for good project to earn steem and most probably if they pass the limit for financing they will be in trending.

Yeah and? Have you actually taken a look at how many projects are financed via SPS and how difficult it is to get inside the approved zone? And those rewards are just a drop in the water, compared to what goes over the counter every day via reward pool.

i removed the part of a comment because i read your comment on there.

Yap i did. 2. and i did vote for some of them (not that my vote is somewhat important). i would like to hear your take on proposals that are on there. should not there be more proposals with the topics that you wrote about here?

I have no problem supporting developing projects. also have no problem with good project being on trending. i supported steempeak when steempeak was not a thing (again my support is kinda irrelevant).

and we are back to what steem is. and it would be interesting to hear that from top witnesses. just so we all, not that important, below average, people on steem know that and act accordingly

Yap i did. 2. and i did vote for some of them (not that my vote is somewhat important). i would like to hear your take on proposals that are on there. should not there be more proposals with the topics that you wrote about here?

Yes, I would look to see that, but the SPS has a different mark on what kind of projects can expect funding. Let's say a developer makes a small tweak to condenser (the software that poweres, if he wanted to do a proposal, he would have to spend 10 SBD, with the knowledge that 1.) it might take quite a long time for it to be approved and 2.) it might not get approved. The reason is the return proposal, which prevents leeches from draining the pool, which is important!

So, the developer rather makes a post, explaining what he changed/fixed/improved and stakeholders or curation services could vote on it, so he would def. receive some form of compensation.

Now, of course, the developer could create a longterm proposal, where he would ask for a price in return for working on condenser for a period of time. Similar to how SteemPeak asked for funding to implement updates to the Proposal page on their side and the implementation of Tribes, etc. This is important as it gives the developers of Steempeak (mainly @asgarth) the power to decide whether it's worth to implemented, because there is guaranteed amount of money to be paid out, in comparison to doing the job first and then creating the post, asking for funding.

and we are back to what steem is. and it would be interesting to hear that from top witnesses. just so we all, not that important, below average, people on steem know that and act accordingly

You're also important! Don't get that wrong. It's just super exhausting to bring changes to Steem. People still think that the EiP was only for the big guys to profit, while it's actually the opposite. Free downvotes and the new curve makes it so bad actors can't continue to abuse the system via self-voting, etc. without having to be accountable.

and we are back to what steem is.

Steem is a huge experiment on how people can utilize a shared resource pool for the greater good. We haven't got that right yet, which is why I wrote this post.

that is something jarvie was concerned, smaller changes not being worth it to make a proposal. i feel that we need a better way to "advertise" proposals. not sure how many people see, know and understand what is going on there, and how to vote.

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