Some clarity on Resource Credits and Voting Mana

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I realized that the release of HF20 is causing a lot of confusion and I decided to write this short post, to answer more officially a couple of questions that keep on coming up:

Resource Credits & Mana

Besides Resource Credits, one of the new features of HF20 is Voting Mana.

While I personally thought that the implementation would be less dramatic, it seems that due to different reasons, the default votingpower is deprecated for the time being and can't be trusted.

That's why you have to look into voting mana instead.

One way to do that is by going to

There you will see something like this:

Two mana bars

The top one is for resource credits, meaning everything you do on Steem costs RCs and if you have 0% or less, then you're not able to do anything.

The easiest way to think about this is to equate to the way bandwidth used to work on the STEEM blockchain. You should see during the next days this percentage increase after the blockchain has completely balanced out.

Now, the lower manabar is the voting power replacement, normally referred to as VP.

The easiest way to think of MANA is to imagine it being attached to the STEEM tokens themselves. In other words, STEEM now has a power level. Everytime you powerup STEEM tokens, they begin their vested life with full MANA, and when you upvote, downvote, etc, it gets spent.

Just like it worked under HF19 the MANA of the STEEM tokens is replenished when it's not being used.

What should you be doing?

I know there are many steemians right now frustrated with the deployment of HF20 and I don't blame anybody. However, please take into consideration that even though no one is saying having a dialogue about it is not OK, it's more important to think of ways we could be having a constructive one with the development team of Steemit Inc.

As with many things, the biggest virtue is patience. Already many accounts have had their negative RC balances reverted and their accounts are able to transact, but this is going to take a little longer for it to be completely done across the whole blockchain.

From @steemitblog:

Equal Impact
No one account is depriving another of their voting power or gaining an unfair advantage. During the implementation of the Resource Credit system, voting power was rescaled and no scaling factor was added to ensure a consistent user experience. This was an oversight on our part and for this we apologize. Again, this behavior is a one time issue that will resolve itself over the next 5 days.

Are you a JS developer?

As many other developers I spent most of my last days deep into code.

And if you are a JS developer, then this might be something that you could put to good use on your dapp or project.

I've gone ahead and implemented the two new RC/MANA bars into dsteem. Now they haven't been merged yet, but of course that's no problem.

I've created a temporary fork and implemented it there.

You can also use the package: npm i dsteem-hf20

The implementation is very easy:

# Without API call
let account = (await get_accounts(['therealwolf]))[0]
let { current_mana, max_mana, percentage } = client.rc.calculateVPMana(account)

#or directly with API call
let { current_mana, max_mana, percentage } = client.rc.getRCMana('therealwolf')

Explanation: You can use the first method if you have fetched one or multiple accounts already and want to use the existing objects, without having to make an api call for each one of them.

Disclaimer: The method names and other things could change in the final dsteem version, so please keep that in mind.

And if you prefer to use Python, then go ahead and use Beem, since @holger80 has been busy like a beee(m) ;)

So with that said:

I hope you found this post and maybe even the dsteem modification useful.

Keep on steemin',

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Do you maybe know if there will be update for Steem-js soon?

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I was curious about this as well, i will keep my ear to the ground.


Not sure about that, but I do think so.


I thought Steem-JS was deprecated and dSteem was the new official API.


I still like Steem-js.

I have steem delegations that are completely useless yet I still have to pay for them. I came here hoping I'd make some money by putting hours into a post but I only lose money. So I guess the whales still make money from me while delegating useless SP.

I have stocked up on blue mana bottles and am ready to take on the dragon.

I was disappointed a bit, but I don't really understand some of the toxicity surrounding the fork... if my VP is shot for a number of days, it's really not the end of the world.

I dunno, maybe I'm too chill for my own good...


the thing I'm worried about is how it's being attached to making comments. Limiting how many posts one can make every 5 days feels fine. But commens?

For instance, via steemd, I'm seeing that at full my account can only create ~20 comments... Is that every day [ that's pretty bad ]? Is that every 5 days [ way worse ]?

I don't like the idea of limiting interactions on the chain like this...


I do believe that the VP drop theoretically could have been prevented, but there are worth things that could have happened.

So far I'm quite happy with the update.

Yesterday I was a little bored and I made this:

need more mana blue by eddie.png

I was sure someone else would do something similar. I like the new concept of mana, makes me feel like I'm on a Role Playing Game.

Hope everything balances soon. I'm not a developer, I hope I could do more than just wait. I'm gonna keep studying and inform people about the update, thank you for all the effort you are making to improve the Steem blockchain.


This day Steemit gave us our daily mana, forgave us our debts and led us out of trepidation :P


lol! We have to avoid being spammers (sinners) to always be full of mana. Keep Steeming!


You can think of dsteem as the better version of SteemJS.
I'm using it for most of my projects :)


As mwfiae said: it's a module for interfacting easier with the blockchain, written in Javascipt (Typescript).

I've since decided to just automate my posting from other sources onto Steemit instead of writing and creating content solely for steemit. If it posts, it posts, if it doesn't, oh well. I lost faith in the platform. HF20 should've been put off a little longer to make sure something that that wouldn't have happened in production, especially since a crash already happened not even a week prior.

thanks for the clarity, my mind is spinning trying to get all the facts i can to understand things better, this helps

I was really hoping there would be more to this then, visit

Sigh, i am seriously frustrated, but i try to stay patient.
However, when you see numbers like NEGATIVE 600 quadrillion you know someone has screwed up by orders of magnitude.

Now, what i really want to know is the pricing scheme.
It is currently looking like i will have to curtail commenting.
And i have 1.5 MVests (not big/not small) and vote, read/reply manually.

Not voting, (because the vote power is gone in the shitter) but commenting as normal, my mana is dropping.

I do not like where this is going, and there is no information.

Hmmmmm.. made me think a few notes.. still wondering, im not complaining..

Thanks by the way for all your works keeping steemit back to life. Hope you all can get to sleep now..

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Since I am in it for the long haul I am not too all those days playing diablo lets me know sometimes you have to wait on that Mana :)

My frustration was really not being able to engage but now that we are getting more stable, my Steemit addiction is being satisfied which gives me perspective now on how some of these new additions will benefit us in the long term. I think this change will promote more relevant content across the ecosystem which is great because it seems as many have mentioned, these transactions were undervalued in the previous model.

Thank you for this explanation.


You're welcome!

hi @therealwold, thanks for the post. Still, would you maybe explain me why I can't delegate 100SP to a friend to better start? As far as I can see, I have enough SP and mana but when I want to delegate (using it says that I don't have enough of it.

Here's what I get:

Oops! Something went wrong!
available_shares >= op.vesting_shares: Account haedre does not have enough mana to delegate. required: [object Object] available: [object Object]

Could it have anything to do with the fact that I am powering down?



All right, indeed, it was because I was powering down.

thanks for any type of update, not many around.
is there a post that explains what is changed with HF20? i heard something about small votes (0.002, 0.004... not sure where is the limit) not going to creators but going back to the reward pool. is it true or just a misinformation in lack of any information?

Thank you for the information!

Thanks for the further clarity. I do like the section where it says you have enough credits for a certain amount of comments and votes.

It is well explained, now we need to wait almost 3 days for the for the voting power to come back almost at 100%.

I sense a disturbance in the force. : (

Best info yet! Thanks for explaining this and leading me to to finally get the information I needed as a regular Steemit blogger.

What an increase of difficulty for new users... atleast we have a red banner now, right? Communication skillz!

Thanks for the update @therealwolf also claim reward consumes Resource credits?

I just take a few days off steem until things has settled. Really, it's just a few days if not maximum a week. Calm down and spend the time planning instead :)

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I just used your calculateRCMana function in steemauto
good job would be nice to see the content along with everything else :) alot of potential here yes?

So can we still vote 10 times a day at 100% or had this changed now ?