Smartsteem is hiring: Creative Graphic Designer

in steem •  6 months ago

Hey there fellow Steemians,

in an effort to grow & polish the branding of Smartsteem - I'm looking for a talented graphic-designer who is comfortable with thumbnail/graphic-design in Photoshop and other professional grade software to work with our team.

Payments for all work submitted and approved will be made in SBD & STEEM as per agreement.

If this sounds like you, or if you know of someone that could do the job with professionalism, please do not hesitate to contact me on discord (therealwolf#2442) or (therealwolf)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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I will show this to great designers I know.

You should try this one @adelair :)

Highly recommend @ggabogarcia!


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A very good graphic designer maybe she will see this message she is new to steem. @s2thak I believe her website is he4d dot com.

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Hello there. I know this 2 good designers:

You may write them and also check out their work. These guys are in Venezuela so maybe they could work for you for lower rates. ;)


Hi, @therealwolf you can check my works, I'm at your service.

I am a professional web & graphic designer with 10+ years experience. I am interested and would love to discuss more about the job. Contact me anytime. I sent you a dm on discord. Thanks!

Great opportunity

will think about it :)

interesting offer.............

Sir i am new on Steemit can I get your single upvote I will upvote you in return as much as possible

Great initiative. Upvoted and resteemed

Good post

Upvote and comment please.....

i am also graphics Designer .. i love your Post

--------This is a mistake,sorry!

Would u like to let me know the link that I can join smartsteem discord please @therealwolf. Im lokking for it in the post but i dont find the link correctly. Thank u so much

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I will give it a shot
I am into graphics and I find it very interesting doing graphic work

HI, this sounds like something we'd be interested in, we have a background in Adobe and before that Macromedia. A large portfolio of graphics, thumbnails and video if that's of interest. If you would like more information please just ask.

I'll contact you through one of the chosen methods above.

thank you

looking forward to some awesome designs now! 😎

@ therealwolf, great job.I will share this post and make it viral. Keep uploading more and more. Will you?

I think you need to found graphic-designer on freelancer site

Looking good @therealwold I hope you find someone!

Hello what type of graphic designs would you be needing?
I might be of help @therealwolf

hey @therealwolf, I have contacted you 6 months ago, and have contacted you again. Please check. 😄

I'm afraid to be 7 months you did not read my message. 😄😄

i am graphic-designer

Ohh call all of utopian graphics here 🤣

Hi @therealwolf, i am a graphics designer,i use photoshop in making my design

i believe the designers Interested with Fintech or Crypto would take it as a challenge and would do the best , Let me forward this to guys i feel could do justice to it .

Cheers ;)

I am a graphic designer and would love to take the challenge. Kind Regards. Thanks

Do it need 3D artist?