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First of, I want to thank everyone (excluding resteem-bots) who decided to resteem my post: @therealwolf 2.0 - Steem Anniversary. We've reached over 200 resteems!

Now, the reward for resteeming was a chance to win 1% of the total payout of the post.


The post paid out to 324 STEEM (most of it through promotion paid by me), which means every winner would get 3.24 STEEM.


I've used the following site to pick winners in addition with @justyy's tool to get the full list of resteems.

Here is a gif of the winners I picked.


Congratulations to:

@kabir88, @meno, @asif.bokhari, @rabeel, @soluce07, @hydrazine, @london65, @offgridliving, @iamjadeline, @henroo84.

Your reward has already been sent to you :)


Again, a big thanks to all those who have resteemed my post (excluding the resteem-bots ;) )

Here is a full list of all participants:

@hiddendragon @lavia @bitox @sate @dorna @halak @hashex @milanbeko @tamarax @valla @saloom @imann @vonica @romika @erichi @ghada @salavit @samimi @yoox @poro @famar @ghadir @coloper @parim @xxxzone @jakee @taithanhvu @opex @veromina @zalat @larison @simix @kencien @sorita @romvalles @baax @elik @fox.sida @lenzy @mikila @somon @rosegold @ferial @omidan @pabloptimista @lefiram @steemwhalepower @steempampanga @allyson19 @noechie1827 @london65 @gholsa @salmanbukhari54 @organduo @shegzy @chetansharmacs @jawad09 @sharminwadud @amritmahal @rabeel @foridulislam21 @zaku @chekohler @iamjadeline @androssgb @ugetfunded @asif.bokhari @steemit.lover2 @shahzblog @celinavisaez @emma733 @techbuzz07 @sky777 @gualsema @wilsonthe @valaz @prince40081 @sahar.cute @pinkoo @resuscitate @henroo84 @creativityport @taran @flash07 @ir3k @puneetsuthar @loocia @munawardi @maquemali @timons @karek @haseb @ashraf471 @suitablybored @parth6937 @igora @franciscana23 @maheksvyas @kabir88 @princesson @kamin @vodavic @zedo @chrisee @barbo @naomix @frednoble @zokk @slickhustler007 @phunke @soluce07 @nicolex @generouswhale @hesamali @palas @zyx066 @guruvaj @gonewithwind @rosenara @checenra @khudgabbar @ilyastarar @portillo @hungryhustle @andrietti @rivalzzz @elevator09 @balte @travoved @hydrazine @ahmed.eljabri @bukuem @witnesspage @rossita @zeldam @subrata85 @melindaa @twodorks @siratl @mwfiae @justatouchfey @tomal1003 @milano1113 @rothberg @condeas @zoomak @nonstop @ontheverge @niklitvin @libert @bestbroplayer @alfajri78 @brandonk @still-observer @leeuw @aishashiddika @clmstudios @silvertop @smartsteem @tdas0 @aboutart @offgridliving @theluvbug @meno

What about the other contest?

Initially, I also held a contest for the remainder (90%) of the post rewards. However, the theme wasn't right and the result was that people praised me, while obviously wanting to win money.

Which was not what I anticipated and not what I wanted the contest to be or how I wanted to be portraited.

So I canceled the contest. Now, the rewards will be used to fund another initiatve or may be given away to steemfest related activies, however, I'm not completely sure about it and will take some time to decide what to do.

With that said,

Have a great week!


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Thank you @therealwolf for your positive contribution. In this bear market, we all need to give each other a little support

congratulations to the winners. and secretly i wonder, how to grow here on steemit and get exposure. maybe my content is not worth the read.. i wonder. what should i do. ill get there.

congrats to the winners.

That's great ! thanks @therealwolf

congrats to all the winners, thank you wolf!!


Congrats to the winners!

Thank you very, very much @therealwolf! I am speechless and so excited. Once more, thanks a lot.


I really heart for miss this contest,by the way congratulations for all winner, thanks @therealwolf for great opportunity

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Thank you @therealwolf, I wanted to participate in the other contest but got caught up real bad in other stuff. Will make sure to follow next time. :')

Congratulations to the winners!

Gracias @therealwolf aunque no logré ganar los 3 Steem que me vendrián muy bien, pero igual me siento muy contenta de que me nombrarás en tu publicación es todo un placer para mi. Saludos y será para una próxima oportunidad. Felicidades a los ganadores de tu concurso por tu Segundo Aniversario en Steemit @therealwolf. El Gift con Bowser, Luigi y Mario te quedó maravilloso.

Very good post welldone

congratulations to all the winners...