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Announcing Engine: Bring Agility to Steem Development

in steem •  6 months ago  (edited)

Well, I can be a blockchain developer, if the blockchain is written in JS (as a few are already), but Steem is written in c++ - so maybe I should have said I'm not a c++ developer thus not a Steem blockchain developer. :)

Reason: learning a new language, especially one so different as c++, requires a lot of time and I don't think it's effective if I can build other projects like Steem Apps or dApps similar like Steem Monsters (which is written in javascript as well) in the same timeframe and use my existing advanced knowledge with JS.

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Well, I didn't even get myself to teach myself python.
But it's probably also because I'm currently writing my Abitur and maybe also a little because the bear market..^^

Yes, I'm also hoping to bring blockchain development to a wider audience in the form of Javascript.

Would you have any interest in doing some web development for the Engine web interface?