Learning something new as a Developer: it's a rocky climb

in steem •  2 months ago

Here is something for my fellow developers to sweeten the start of the week:

Source: Microsoft Developer

Most of the time, I'm learning something new as a developer and I just stumbled upon this image, which describes the learning-path very well.

And actually, I find it hilariously correct. :D

With that said:

Have a great week!


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Can you ever claim to know a coding language a 100% though? There's always something new popping up.


The title of this comic is not that important. It's more about the fact that learning new things as a developer is very often as in the comic described.


Well you're right. The learning process is always hard and you always find something you don't know yet.


the problem isn't just to know the language 100%, but also algorythms and how to structure well the code and in a maintainable way

Hehe. Nice image. I think that it's not that difficult to learn the vocabulary and syntax of a programming language; but learning how to solve particular problems with it in an elegant and efficient way is another story.

Not to mention that each language (Except for general purpose languages like C) was designed to solve problems using a particular way of thinking that the designer deemed was missing from preexisting languages.

That is the tricky part for me - choosing the best language for the job!

Hiii i am waiting for your response.! Do you read my comment and my problem in your previous post. I am waiting.

You seem to be doing a stellar job so far though. Have a great week too bud!

hahaha thats right! with a lot of things ;)

This is endless journey. Every time when you think that’s it’s gonna be finished. Something new introduced. @therealwolf this picture shows everything

Sounds about right.

To me, it feels more like this:



Hahahha 100./. True.very funny post.thanks for sharing.

I tried learning scripting with python once, that picture described how I felt right untill the moment I stopped.
Allways thinking I was getting the hang of it only to find out I needed to learn a shitton of other things first.
Now I still can't use python to script.
Moral of the story don't give up even if the road seems endless, because if I didn't give up back then I could make a script by now.

This is why I never climb any mountains 😜😋

It's even worse when you start as a really beginner with no coding education. I took me about two years to reach the top of the small hill and when I saw the big one behind, I just fell backwards and rolled down to start to learn another language ;-).

very poor to climb because of rocks.

I am currently learning Javascript and i can relate to this image.


Don't give up, you'll make it! :-)


Thank you so much, your encouragement means a lot to me.

Yes, Indeed. It looks totally like that.

The big point is to never give up :-)


The key to getting better at Engineering/Development is always smashing your head into hardcore problem solving, over and over, it definitely takes a great amount of stamina.

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Picking up python few days ago, still at yhe top left picture, but my hair has been losing like mad.

well. but it is with everything. but once you are at the certain level, it plateaus out. i am no developer though... in time everything you learn becomes the extensions of your fingers. it becomes part of you. but you never can become it. obstacles and challenges is to be expected. it is not learning if it doesnt offer you the struggles that comes with it.
have a nice day. keep on making steemit a better place,
p.s. we need initiatives to help out starting aspiring creators. this is what will make steemit greater. cheers.

haha it's exacly right!
you just gotta love the climb itself! 😆

The only thing I know is that I do not know anything.

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