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Are you ready for the project, which has the ability to show the world, how valuable and powerful Steem actually is?

Well, I am very excited to introduce what I've been working on for the recent weeks.


Steem is one of the most undervalued blockchain projects, based on my subjective view.

Sadly, many people mistake Steem with Steemit.com and vice-versa. But in fact, Steemit.com was the first dApp on Steem and since then, many more have been developed.

However, until now, there was no real way to truly see how diverse and successful in terms of bringing users to crypto, the Steem ecosystem actually is (besides steemprojects.com.

Until now.

With the introduction of SteemApps.com, everyone is now able to see the value of Steem and it's ecosystem based on the real data.


Version 1.0

The first step in launching SteemApps.com was to create a Minimal Viable Product to collect data of apps on Steem and display those in a ranking, in addition with an API endpoint.

This step has been completed and the Alpha version was released today, 15th December 2018.

Next Steps

  • Version 1.1
    • Add all remaining apps, dApps & interfaces
    • Improve data for existing apps (More about this further below)
    • Improve algorithm for rank-calculation
    • Add more data-points (post-payouts, ...) for apps
    • Contact sites like https://www.stateofthedapps.com, https://www.dappradar.com & co. for a listing of Steem Apps (possibly via API endpoint)
    • Fix Bugs

  • Version 1.2
    • Add detail pages for Apps (for detailed overview and more data)
    • Implement search engine
    • Implement submit a formula for easier App-onboarding
    • Create a stats overview for all Apps & Steem
    • ... and more

  • Version 1.3
    • Currently, STEEMSQL is being used, but the goal is to leverage a private node to get all the data
    • ... and more

As you can see, there's a lot planned for SteemApps.com, but the first goal was to release a lean web app.

The next post will include more details about the technical specs, how ranks are calculated, etc.

Call to Apps

I know that a few apps are still missing and since I personally don't know all info about each app (accounts, description, etc.) - I want to make a call for all people in charge of Apps on Steem:

Please join the Steem Apps discord-server (https://discord.gg/ug4HdcU).

For everybody else, please feel free to join as well, especially if you'd like to give feedback or are interested in cooperating.

It's Open-Source!

This project has only one goal: bringing as much value as possible for Steem.

And since we've got some very talented professionals on this blockchain, it was a no-brainer to decide for Steem Apps to become open-source.

Additionally, part of the code is also based on State of the Dapps, which was a big help of speeding up the development.

SteemApps.com on Github

Frontend: https://github.com/therealwolf42/steemapps-frontend

Backend: https://github.com/therealwolf42/steemapps-backend

Want to collaborate?

I know for a fact that there are quite a lot of very smart people on Steem.

Especially in the region of data analyse (@crokkon, @miniature-tiger, @paulag, ...).

If you'd like to work on making SteemApps more accurate and better (regardless if I named you right now), then feel free to do exactly that! :)

You can always reach me on discord at therealwolf#8970 or join the discord-server (https://discord.gg/ug4HdcU)

Gratitude to the following Steemians

  • @arcange: STEEMSQL
  • @crokkon: For helping me out with the SQL queries.
  • @upheaver: For giving valuable feedback and helping out.


Many of my recent posts were very positive in the sense of trying to bring as much positivity to Steem as possible. Some steemians even argued that they were too positive or simply just hollow words.

Well, I personally wouldn't have been able to create this project, without the positivity mindset to believe in Steem.
And I want to thank all the Steemians who kept up the positivity over the recent weeks.

Regardless, of the price, just looking at the rankings of apps shows how successful Steem is in bringing people into the crypto-sphere.

Now with that said, this project is for you, the Steem community - that's why it's also open-source.

Let's show the world what Steem is made of.



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Consider please adding @engrave (link) and Wise both made by @wise-team

A very valuable tool indeed.

It provides up to date information on which projects are forging ahead and has lead me to explore new ones as well.

Great work!
Magic Dice at rank 3 daily and going up. Not bad :)
How often are the stats updated?

A tab for new dapps would be great to discover new dapps on Steem.

Integrating with dappradar.com should be a high priority. It's very popular and a lot of developers, entrepreneurs and investors are using it.
It would help a lot if there was a direct comparison between Steem and other platforms/dapps.


Absolutely agreed. I already mentioned that on Discord chat. Dappradar is currently where the whole magic is happening right now. There's a ton of traffic that can come from this resource into Steem. I love it and I would like to help to list Steem dapps there as well.

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Nice! Really needed. Soon we will be bigger than EOS.


people could also use both EOS and Steem to leverage their digital empire in larger markets.

I forget what is the link to an alternative to steemit but with a similar interface -

This story was recommended by Steeve to its users and upvoted by one or more of them.

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Fantastic work. This is exactly what is needed. I’m always telling people about all the amazing Steem apps but there was no where to send them to see them all.

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This is the kind of stuff that should be on the steem.com page or linked. Some day get all this great info easily accessible to noobs. The steem.com page seems to have things out of date, like claiming steem is the highest traffice blockchain, where in reality i think it's down to 6th.

Valuable content, Thank you so much , for bringing this to my attention. I will visit this Steemapps.com daily💎

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Nice! SteemPeak should be higher on the list in my opinion, but maybe enough people don’t know about it.

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This is amazing, thank you very much @therealwolf!

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This is AWESOME @therealwolf! Way to talk the talk AND walk the walk. The naysayers are probably pretty quiet now haha.


I think this is a good first step towards a right direction. I'd just show top 20 most active apps on this list and leave it there, we already have https://steemprojects.com/ after all. We need more dapps that people want to use, not ultra fancy list of our current ones.

It's enough that it can be shared to new people to Steem so they can see what the most used apps are quickly, and to investors, that there's more possibilities than just blogging on Steem blockchain. And I recommend everyone to use it that way. Rather than direct people to Steemit.com, use steempeak.com and this project. Showing them the real trending is the last thing you want to do.

It's a low hanging fruit, but done well, I was honestly expecting something bigger from the earlier talks, but this is the smartest approach of course. Hopefully there's some other cool stuff coming too to populate this list!


I agree. Another goal is to have a different kind of view on apps - as for example utopian-io is a super important and valuable steem app, but it currently is far down on the list due to the missing interface.


100% agreed, I'm sure Utopian would garner a ton more traction if people would just know about it. When I see Steem discussed anywhere outside Steem, it's all about just Steemit and blogging and not a single mention of projects like Utopian or DSound. Your tool will be important tool to battle that, we can't wait forever for people to discover us, there's just too many coins out there and competition is propping up like mushrooms after rain.

The reason I'm still here is that even though we have our flaws, we still can attract everyday normal users, not just nerds and cryptopeople. If we can get that ball rolling further, this blockchain could snowball in a huge way. But we need marketing and word to spread out.

I also have to mention how discouraging it has been to see projects like open-mic go on without Steemit Inc delegation, project like that with proper support could've been a major driver on making Steem known around the globe with not so technical people that otherwise would be very hard to reach. Through these people Steem could spread like wildfire in my opinion.


He's giving the data to other websites and so it's somewhat like advertising for the benefit of steem more than this is a place to find apps. At least this is my take.


Yes, you're correct.


The goal is to have a website that you or anybody else can link to, for showcasing the value of Steem.

It will also be completely exclusive to Steem and can display data in the way that other websites will probably not be able to, as they have to find a layout that fits multiple platforms.


Hehe - believing in yourself is the biggest strength someone can have.

YES. This is awesome! Amazing work @therealwolf :D


My pleasure!

Great idea and service to promote the Steem environment, aside of Steemit as the main tool to access this blockchain @therealwolf!

This is exactly what we need to move forward

Awesome article, time to put the spotlight on interfaces and dApps from now on, keep up the good spirit - Upvoted!


Thank you! Appreciate the vote!

This is F*ing awesome!
Is it possible to feature references to newbie material there as well?
Like a link to @steemonboarding's website, once it launches, perhaps a list of Steem related Discord servers and maybe other helpful materials that both new and old Steemians should definitely know about?


I think connecting it with the steem-onboarding website would be the smartest move. But I like the idea!

Man, this looks great! What a great showcase.


Thanks @exyle! Super important to showcase the true value of Steem.

Nice tool!
Indeed, not many users look at steem as a blockchain but as a simple social media platform.

Yo dude, this is ace!

Thanks for taking the initiative to build this!


Of course, feel free to contribute if you like.

Perfect timing !

I was going in circles trying "market" Steem. Someone asked the following and now we have something concrete to show off. I really appreciate you making this on behalf of each and every Steem user and communities ... Take a bow.

Showing just the number of Dapps is very one dimensional. Usage, adoption, volume, matter as well.


I saw that you linked the screenshot earlier, made me work extra hard ;)


Now we need to share this. ie, make a digital marketing plan and go after it IMHO. We have to do that as no one else is going to. "Its high time to get out of steemit.com".

  1. Twitter
  2. Linkedin
  3. Reddit
  4. Facebook
  5. Instagram
  6. Diaspora
  7. Hackernews

and any other media outlets. We can have a unified messaging which says something like, "Users and Transactions matters for dApps and blockchcains & here is Steem showing off"


I very much agree. Let me think about what I can do for that, since I'm not directly a marketer.


Hey @therealwolf - this is really valuable work. A great list and demonstrating Steem as the home of great dApps…….on the marketing side see if you can catch up with @starkerz or @anarcotech - they might consider pushing this news as an @oracle-d project to help dispel misconceptions about the Steem Blockchain.


check out @share2steem for points 1-7

This is huge. Period.

Just one question, not quite sure what the ranking is based on? It doesn't seem to be based on any single metric.

Thank you so much for building this!

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Yes, going to put out a tech post soon, explaining how the rank is being calculated and more.

Please add steemstem.io and stemq.io to the list :)


ok you replied in PAL channel. Thank you. :)


Yes, we'll go over it on the discord.

This is great, I love it.
I suggest pulling from https://dappradar.com/ and showing a little comparison of the activity on Steem compared to all 1,500 Eth DAPPS (which we destroy them)


Top Ethereum dapp / Idex 784 users 24h
Top Eos dapp / EOSBet 7,946 users 24h
Top Tron dapp /TRONbet 1,446 users 24h
Top Steem dapp / Steemit 48300 users 24h

I asked a question 13 days ago on musing.io but no one answered.


All Ethereum DAPPS combined in last 24 hours: 41,667
That's hardly over just Steemit.com.


I know, but when discussed about dapps nobody mentioned steem.


That's 5,344 for steemit not 48,300.


Yeah, I was expecting higher numbers as well thanks to reports like @penguinpablo's. But when you look at the numbers on steemapps.com, it's a pretty dismal picture compared to what I was looking forward to seeing. Nobody's using utopian.io for example, I did not see that one coming.

Very nice @therealwolf!!!
There is also @actifit to add to the list👍
Resteemed so everyone will spread the word🤗

This is really useful!
Should will be an amazing tool to show people the amount of delevopment there is on this blockchain.
Thanks @therealwolf !

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Very useful! Thanks for the heads up!!

I am missing vimm.tv :( But a nice list


You can request them in their discord channel I guess. https://discord.gg/ug4HdcU Vimm.tv has a nice interface man. I am watching the MSP-show live in it. :)


Will be added as well.


Thank you :) Thought i will remind you . You delegated 5000 SP to vimm :)

Very nice. That volume on magic dice tho! Compared to the amount of users that is a nice ratio.

This is cool and great. Really I like this .
Great work done by you

Definitely its an amazing work and there is no doubt and definitely we will be with you and really waiting for your final work..all the best thanks.

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thank you, I have been looking for a site like this for a few months now so i can show people the main ways to interact on steem, I typically use #esteem for android but most people have different preferences.

Great job!
The truth is that it is a very valuable tool when it comes to blockchein, I hope you continue to improve it even more.

It offers up to date information on the different projects that are progressing and has also led me to explore other new projects that are under development.

I just want to give you compliments for the Smartsteem. I have only one word for it: WOW! I've tried it and it's very slick, very user friendly, great UX. Thank you!


Did you give him a witness vote?


Of course I did. While ago. ;)


I agree, I enjoy everything @therealwolf puts out.

This is really cool work. Thanks for doing this. You really need to add DSound to this list. It's like SoundCloud only on the Steem blockchain and is a really cool DApp. You can contact @prc or @dsound for info.

Keep up the great work!


I always forget about Dsound, but youre right, thats a valuable service to the blockchain


It's one of the coolest DApps for musicians. @prc is currently working on a DApp for Open Mic which is the longest running contest and largest music community on the Steem blockchain. We'll be releasing it soon with a new name, DopenMic. Exciting stuff.


Good call!

Great Job @therealwolf. This tool was really missing to show the people what Steem Dapps are out there.
It would be awesome to see this tool on the Homepage of Steemit.inc so that people see instantly what is going on here.
Anyways, I wanted to know how the Volume for example Steemmonsters is calculated?


a simple embed code would be miiiiint

Thanks for putting this together @therealwolf. Great to see all of them in one convenient place. Again thanks

This is a great page that you have developed. It's really useful. I'm resteeming this for sure, thanks!

Excellent! Would be great to have some visibility on apps that are in production, any plans for this?

Open source is the way to go! :)

Great initiative @therealwolf! We really need a better communication strategy in order for the blockchain community to understand the difference between Steemit and the Steem blockchain, and to display the usefulness of the Steem blockchain for hosting web apps and other projects.

I hope this list of Steem Apps and projects can be listed on steem.com, and their "See more Steem statistics" link should route to SteemApps.com instead in my opinion.

Every time I see posts like this it makes me hopeful for the future of Steem. Keep up the good work.

Great job! This is exactly what we need. I'll definitely share this website whenever I talk about Steem dApps on other platforms!

I so appreciate this! Do you mind if I share this with the new people in the Discord server Steem Terminal?


Please, go ahead! :)


Thanks so much (I'm also @xcountytravelers)

This is a really nice project. It would help find useful dApps and those we're interested in very quickly.

I'm a developer, but I haven't worked on anything open source before. I wonder if I'd be able to help in any way.

Keep up the good work.

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No, I did not know that Steemit wasn't the actual Steem! Excellent work, I know some of these are available on iphone, I usually have slow loading for videos that are not youtube

What a brilliant idea & service. For months I've wondered what a lot of these strange apps were and what they did? Now in 5 minutes it is clear to see. Thank you.

is it safe even if it is open-source?


Of course it is. Anyone can look at it, therefore, security issues will be found a lot sooner.

This is excellent work. It shows to all (steemians, dapps owners, and wider crypto community) where we stand today, how are we growing, and where are we heading. Number speak and you have given numbers that we steemians can show and cite wherever we speak about steem. Thank you @therealwolf

this is amazing! thank you! wow...the amount of transactions with steem monsters and magic dice ALONE! the amount of steem flowing through them! smartsteem too! bravo sir!!! very exciting! the future! it would be cool to see @appics added to the list. deep gratitude!

Thanks for providing such wonderful information about steam. And the list of steem based interfaces are best part of this post.

Yes yes yes!
This is what I’m talking about! Killer moves. Thanks so much for helping g showcase what we have here on Steem.

Wow... Another new app for me to try...

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you sound very enthusiastic lol

I salute your positive thoughts and efforts. We are Steem.

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Yeah im looking fwd to that steem on the go!!

This is Great! Would love to be part of it. #HashKings on Steem!hashkings_smoke_io.png

Looks good.

The future has came

Great work @therealwolf! Providing what Steemians need, to see what dapps are on the Steem blockchain. 😊

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So, you don't plan to fix any bugs for v1.2 and v1.3? :)

Now seriously, thank you for this beautiful product!

Cool Project! Looking forward to see more projects addded to the site.

How do you decide wether a project is an "App" or an "Dapp"?

Kind regards


I'm impressed. And by the way,I love your positive attitude!

Very impressive! A great resource that brings practical value. Thanks for creating this.

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Wow, this website is really awesome! Really great work my friend. Do you mind if I do a dtube video about it?


if anything he should pay you for promotion if you make a dtube video about it

Wolf, this is great work. I had heard about SteemMonsters before, but I had no idea how many transactions that game was putting out on Steemit. Amazing!

congratulations on launching the initial version, awesome work and great steps to come!!

Great idea. Hey I am not that tech savvy...but some apps are not developed so well ...and can downloading some allow hackers? Is there a way to feature the best, most used or trusted?. Great work. Stay positive... It's the way to go!!
Google apps..eat your heart out lol

Thank you very much: this isa useful project!

Please correct this https://github.com/state-of-the-dapps/sotd-www wrong URL.

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Thank you and team very much for your work.
You doing this will increase user-ship on Steem Apps, for we now have a place of reference.

1.This looks great , have you listed the formulae used for calculation somewhere ...like what does users means ? ?

as in someone who made atleast one transaction ( I am thinking)

2.Please consider adding @share2steem

they are picking up steam

Great work, @therealwolf. This is very helpful for Steem and its community.

What an amazing showcase! really you are working so good and hope it will help us a lot.

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So many awesome minds and intelligent folks on steemit!!! I keep learning and i am always wowed about how much devoted some people are on here. I am so catching this fever. Great work.

you are good!

Well finaly :)
I was doing lists etc all this time... Great job

Great information to help those like me that are newcomers and need to learn a lot before fully understanding the Steem blockchain and how it all fits together. I just resteemed a post about the difference between #steemit and #steem.
Thanks for taking the time to show us what you are working on🙏

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Such a great idea ! Thank you !

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I was just asking last week if such a list existed, and was pointed to https://steemprojects.com/, but this looks like what I was looking for.

Thank you for your post @therealwolf.
Actually, steemit is one of the only cryptocurrencies i have worked with, and i hope that i will increase again with the start of 2019 !!

Great!!! Thanks a lot for your fantastic work! Best regards!

Amazing work! :)

Thank you! I need to go and take a look at this now, for even I didn't know all of the decentralized apps on here; following over six hundred people makes that a bit difficult at times LOL. So, thank you.

This is such an amazing work!!

Congratulations @therealwolf!
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Great! :)
(Sorry for this not very elaborated comment - I just wanted to express how much I appreciate you work.)

very cool project, finally a decent list of dApps, but some apps are still missing like dsound, artisteem, dmania, appics, steem.chat, ...


Yeah, please don't share this website just yet as it's going to look embarrassing if the rest of the apps are not there...It looks desolate. Needs more additions and numbers.

This is great! :D

you did a great job, fella

This content is so valuable! Looking forward to world domination by STEEM! Besides that I wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!!

Very cool to see what each dapp is doing. @steemmonsters is really churning through transactions and Partiko is big. I've not used the latter yet.

Thank you for this little update. I will definitely be looking at this.

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Nice work!! good job!!
Resteem 🤩🤩🤩

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Cool shit! You are such an invaluable asset to the community man.

This is an amazing work and projection for the Steem blockchain. @therealwolf, you did a great job. @crokkon, @miniature-tiger, @paulag, i'll love to join the analysis team.

Fantastic, great to see this and i love being considered one of the smart ones. Sorry to leave such as short comment, its the weekend. I will hit you up on discord early next week. Great resource, well done

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