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It looks like the myth about MEOS being the new social media of EOS was just that a myth. However, @dan does seem to have stayed true to his word and created his version of Steem on EOS: Voice.

Now, if this is going to rival Steem(it) I can't say, we'll have to see. But it will put some (stronger) pressure on Steem for sure. Which is a good thing IMO, because pressure might just be what Steem needs right now to find it's USP.

You might think right now: "Wait, what? USP? Steem is nearly 4 years old. Shouldn't it have a USP already?"

The answers to that is: yes and no. It does have a USP, which however isn't at all leveraged to its full potential.

And that's where I had some thoughts recently (especially after I watched the keynote):

Voice (as far as I can tell) is trying to emulate Twitter with some kind of basic income, KYC, curation and other fancy stuff - a smart move to reach a wide audience.

However, as you might know, Twitter isn't really known for having great communities. You might see some new stuff, when a person you're following is liking or sharing something or when you're searching for a tag (which is similarly how Steem(it) currently works), but that's it. There are no real communities.

So, I personally have no problems with Voice becoming the decentralised twitter - that's absolutely fine with me. Because that means, that the position of decentralised Reddit is still available... And that's where Steem fits perfectly.

Steem - the decentralized hub for communities

That's Steem's USP, which could secure the future for Steem, as it would reach a huge target audience, without going in competition with Voice. Because let's be honest: I'm still truly rooting for Steem, but money rules the world. And block.one has clearly much more of that right now than Steemit Inc or even Steem.

Oh, and it would also be a good idea to implement some kind of WebAuthn standard into Steem.

Alright, that's it for now. Don't let the FUD get you, let us rather use this situation to learn from it and use it as fuel to kickstart some changes! (seriously!)


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just a copy paste from another post's reply:
its a bit like microsoft / linux
for EOS it makes a lot sense to implement KYC and to become a real commercial power blockchain.. that's their way and it will be a successful one...
but KYC will repel many users and USE CASES..
so if EOS voice becomes successful it will drag steem in its slipstream up...
.. and yes we have to find a way to facilitate commercial transactions on steem and it will be somehow more difficult because of missing KYC.. but we also have a strong open source community that creates amazing technology..
.. and in regards to BOTs... yes this is the evil of steem.. but if everyone here would be on the same page we could abolish them pretty quick.. with or without KYC...

So the "competition" to this place wants to emulate something that already exists? GOOD! We win already. This place already learned that lesson the hard way. We can't emulate, we must innovate. They can have their primitive text messenger/link sharing platform. We can embrace the multi billion dollar entertainment industry and be the source of the links those folks share, by producing the content. Hopefully, someday, this place will actually allow the content to thrive. The actual content. Not the crap you vote sellers promote to the front page. The stuff that drives us actual content producers away, along with the potential billions we can generate, not that stuff. Maybe someday some people will see the true value in content and stop promoting rubbish. I'm thinking now those proposed changes are perfect timing.

P.S. This place emulating Reddit is incredibly small thinking, and that's all been done before.

*edit: Thanks for the downvote, Wolfie. You huffed and you puffed and you blew my house down. You can still have my upvote. It's okay.

I think we need a good search engine or tool to find the topic we are interested in. There are a lot of good posts on steem.

Google works, sometimes. First word in search is Steemit, then fill in the blanks after for what you're looking for. I needed to find a comment a made over a year ago. Steemit nonameslefttouse then the keyword of the comment took me directly to it.

Will try. Thanks.

why not just team up with presearch and integrate into steemit. Then it 's a win win situation. Steemit gets a search tool and we get tokens for using it plus its a win for promoting the presearch tool.

@steemchiller's SDS api will provide the data for a great search engine. Now, all we need is this api to be ready and somebody to build the frontend 😀

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I've been Curie curator for two years and steemlookup helped me a lot in discovering exceptional content.

What you are calling the "competition" to this place is being created by the same guy who created this place.
Put that in your beer and drink it :-)

Dan's too big to fit inside the bottle. You know what Dan probably won't create? A feature that blocks sharing Steemit content across his new shiny social network. Factor that in with what I said about this place being the hub for content production and I think, eventually, we'll find ourselves all working together again. Maybe it doesn't have to be competition? Maybe the two go hand in hand? Maybe that would be good for all investors. Thanks for the kick in the ass... LOL!

Apparently,​ there will be no bots and vote selling on Voice.

Yeah and we all had the be lab rats who proved to the world WHY that's a KEY selling point these days. There's proof that's a mistake now. Can't even be argued. HUGE wake up call to a few folks around here but I ain't gonna be the guy who said I told ya so. Forgive, forget, but learn from the mistakes, move forward as a team. Simple. I'm a patient man, but they better get the ball rolling, like today. Not tomorrow, not next week.

"Hey can you voice up my comment, I'll give you 1 EOS"



"Voice for voice?" :)

i more then hope, i pray the witnesses get the formula right!

It all boils down a combination of their actions, and our behavior after. Everyone better get their heads screwed on tight and make sure they're facing the right direction.

This place emulating Reddit is incredibly small thinking

Heute die Welt, Morgens das Sonnensystem.

Then the galaxy. Then the local cluster of galaxies. Then the universe. Then we break through space and time to take on the next dimension where we encounter ourselves and congratulate one another.

or shit on one another.

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Shit fetish?

2 girls... 1 coin

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True value in content? What's your art worth for a guy only interested in learning how to make some money? Probably nothing. He would much rather read content that teaches him how to actually make money - e.g. gary vaynernuck.

That's why Steem has to go into the reddit direction aka communities. You can have your own little bubble/community, where everyone cares as much as you do for the art-style you're producing.

So anyway. True value in content, in general, all of it, helps generate billions of dollars yearly. Arts and entertainment, it's valuable. The first three letters of the word article spell what? Arts and entertainment isn't just about... pictures. It's literally anything someone wants to consume... and I simply look forward to the day more people realize what those potential billions could mean to this place. If we don't embrace it though, or fail to see why those billions could be important, that's probably a bad thing. Communities is a fine idea. I hope they make a community for promoted content, so the real content can rise to the top again, because with the attention the real content gets, naturally, comes those billions. I can't wait until people stop attempting to hold back a good thing. I want people to see it, support it, and share, not this place, but the content within, all over the world on every social network in existence. Allow content producers to do their thing, allow them to be successful, then watch how we don't even need to market this place. What attracts people to Netflix? The platform, or the content they heard about? Think long and hard about that one. I suppose if that, or how I see or feel about things, or my mere presence here, is worthy of a downvote, so be it.

  • edit You changed your original response, so this is just empty space now.

What's your art worth for a guy only interested in learning how to make some money?

You removed the stuff about Nigeria? Why?

Because it wasn't about what people of a particular country like (e.g. Nigeria), but about an individual who is interested in another type of content than art.


I don't produce art for those who do not enjoy art. That's just common sense.

I never doubted that.

This is probably the most insightful and constructive of posts I have read concerning the EOSIO DAPP VOICETM. I once told @ned, responding to a comment he made in a post, that competition is good and would help STEEMIT.COM work towards providing the best platform for its users.

My thoughts on the entire identity verification process being imposed upon those wishing to join the new EOSIO VOICE social media platform can be summed up here by our friend Dr. Lector...

This view is based upon a couple of STEEM posts I have read so far, but I do need to research a bit more before I come to a more informed position.

I do admit that I have some EOS in my portfolio, but diversification is my strategy when it comes to investments. I am now, and will forever be, a STEEM stakeholder and STEEM community member.

You are right on the money @therealwolf with your conclusions. Appreciate your contributions here on STEEM. I would be curious to hear @fyrstikken and other large STEEM stakeholders' views on this most recent of EOSIO DAPP rollouts.

I am not impressed by the anouncement, let's see how Block One implements their social media app.

it needed some cheerleaders clowns, camels and a big trampoline. boring as!

I thought the presentation was impressive. Coinbase on stage praising EOS and delivery of the message. I was impressed.

I was refering to the presentation of the social media app not the whole show. They don't have an actual working product yet and didn't go into the details. So it boils down to them saying we will have a social media app and the name is Voice and it will be one person one vote. Other than the name they didn't say anything new. The market reflected the let down and EOS lost 8%.

I disagree. This was huge for EOS. As far as the product, I am sure it is ready. Otherwise, they wouldn't make a big show out of it. My guess is they are trying to make sure the signup​ system works as intended. We will see. It will be interesting.

I am just pointing that the anouncement fell short of the expectations. It's not a coincidence that out of the top 100 coins EOS lost the most yesterday on the markets (by a big margin). I am sure that Block One has a very capable group of engineers but it's clear that the market was expecting something else and that is an objective fact given the reaction on the price. Voice is far from a steemit killer as Dan Larimer claimed.

Oh and I don't disagree that Coinbase confirming that they will be adding EOS to the general trading app is big deal.

...the position of decentralised Reddit is still available... And that's where Steem fits perfectly.

I’ve often wondered why, when even the name Steemit was originally a riff on Reddit, the #til tag has never really caught on here, given how popular it is on Reddit.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

I was annoyed by the name, it’s bland and lame and is trying to play on the recognition of the TV show IMO.
Steem is unique and interesting.

I like your analogy; we are the decentralized Reddit for sure. We have the excellent communities that are going strong here and getting bigger by the week. This platform does have things that need to improve however this whole notion of Steem killer is both silly and flattering.

It’s silly because in an environment such as the internet and social media, focusing on your rival and trying to take them down keeps you short sighted and you end up missing the big picture I think.
It’s also flattering that a coin with so much money behind it is trying that hard to attack a community like ours. It’s great publicity, getting people to see what the rival chain is if they happen upon his claims to take us down.

I feel pretty good about the future of Steem today, I was underwhelmed with the news. We only have so much time in a day to do things, let’s focus on the future of blockchain instead of rivalry’s.

I am with you... Voice... really?? That is the best you could come up with??? It ain’t no Steem killer in my opinion, but that don’t mean much. Lol. I believe they will push each other to better their platforms over time. Working together In a way.

Voice is a steeming pile of shit! I wouldn't touch that centralized ponzi scheme with a 10 ft pole and ackza tied to the end of it!

It was obvious they were going to do KYC, which is the exact opposite spirit of the decentralized movement. This puts a cap on the entire platform, as at some point it's going to be financially viable to use tactics of identity theft or straight up creating people that don't exist.

"Persons", but essentially what my thoughts were...
I feel kinda glad EOS took such a weird route in recent months and Steem hasn't... As much as I loved the propect of EOS it's getting shadier by the day I'm sad to say...

Looks good to me, I have no problem using them also 😬

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This is a great time for the price of Steem. With this announcement out of the way and the price of Steem right around the 200 day moving average I am hopeful we can start riding this crypto bull a little.

About the Voice as a name... It's already taken. In Russian 😀

Golos.io 👍😁😂

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I thought they will going to launch some social media platform like steemit and earn eos tokens.
Voice token is just a nothing, an air.

Don't all tokens start with nothing? This one is interesting though, because there is no mining, ico, ieo, etc. Kinda leveled plainfield for everybody to start.

Equal starting position never means equal end.

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but they said there will be no selling of that token, you can use it to bust your post or other posts to be more visible and that is it. if you start selling them, whole concept of what people like will be visible just falls apart.

I think you will be able to trade them for eos.

but then it will be "top posts are for people who have most money" or you will be able just to trade it for eos but not buy it.

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Yes but early voters will get their tokens back and extra if they get outbid. So people spending money will be good. We will actually have to see how it works though. Nobody knows yet.

I'm stupid, sorry.
What's USP?

From marketing I'm assuming unique selling point.

Unique selling point.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

You're not stupid, this space is full of TLA's.. :D

Keep calm
SPUD 2 on!


I watched their announcements and to be honest, I was a bit disappointed. I would have expected more from Dan and EOS. And like you said: some competition is not bad. We'll have to step up our game and that's good.
When Dan mentioned there will be no space for trolls on VOICE it made me laugh. How will they implement this? Who gets to decide who is a troll? And how is that decentralized? Fact is: there will always be trolls everywhere online. There's no getting around it. And fighting against trolls will need a centralized approach. I am very interested to see how they will do that.

There is no competition yet, Voice will start from scratch, and steem is way ahead of competition. My concern for now is, when will HF21 gonna happen @therealwolf ?

Until EOS fixes distribution problem I'm not worried.

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I need to check that tomorrow, the version of voice is functional as we speak?

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I like the name they chose. Voice sounds much better than Meos. I agree I don't it will be direct competition. At the same time competition is healthy. I think Voice and Steem can benefit from each other.

What would be good to implement here is vote decay for witnesses and proxies.

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It´s not a KYC like registering at a central authority, its a multistep KYC where it is not about who you are, but about knowing that you are one unique person.

The is what the whole thing is about. lel. And your right Steem should better do its home-work

How on earth they can achieve wide mass adoption with things like KYC?

EOS already at $8 and the 5th largest coin on CMC. Steem struggling to stay even in the top 50. Does it miss a good exchange listing. Or what else is missing ?

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Steem looks for me way better.

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I havent looked into voice yet but I like how it sounds. I'm glad you mentioned reddit because since I joined steem 2 years ago that's how I felt steem should be. I'm not one that believes steem should emulate Medium and it's long form "quality" content. I want to look into voice more but at this time I am 100% invested in steem

mister wolfe @therealwolf ... its very early but i wonder what your opinion was on the HF21 new "systems" , relating to stuff like smartsteem delegators for instance :) , its way too early to understand impact over the whole system but maybe you have an opinion on the matter, i'm sure you're more schooled and versed as its pretty close to you there :)

just after reading on one of my other fav witnesses :



sorry to go offtopic here but i just have to ask :p no rush ofcourse

if i were to just scan it all my first reaction would be : my steempower is gonna halve in both worth and effect but instead i'd like to ask around first hahah, at your leisure ofcourse

Alright, that's it for now. Don't let the FUD get you, let us rather use this situation to learn from it and use it as fuel to kickstart some changes! (seriously!)


did you want #fud with that :p heh lol, if you consider the advent of quantum computing, the computing power isn't much of a threat to classic systems, even if you get a million combos per second, you can't enter them, and most systems lock out after a few failed attempts, especially financial However, if you apply that to a public blockchain where you have no way of preventing "decrypting"/login attempts and not even a log in the chain to see what wallet got accessed unless you get a transaction. Now *that* is reason for panic, but don't tell anyone - BTC just went gud, sadly i have none left since mtGox

Barring Vitalsky apologizing to "the original cypherpunks" i don't see much happening to fix that potential issue so whoever comes up with the solution might be in for the digits heh

El Gato out ... wink

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@therealwolf, If we look towards the aspect of KYC then in my opinion i think that VOICE will not stay as Decentralised.

But let's see because we never know which platform brings what innovation. But i strongly believe that Rivals always help us to stay one step ahead when it comes to innovation.

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Hi, @therealwolf, I am from Snaxteram.
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I think they have a social network type thing on EOS called Trybe.one ?

Trybe.one is supposed to be a very narrow, crypto oriented blogging platform. Now in the 2.0 beta stage😀

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Ah.. I see! Thanks for letting me know.

I have just uploaded my video and I spoke about it in the end. In all honesty it doesn't look bad at all to me... More than emulate twitter I feel they trying to emulate Tumblr. Offering all the different type of formats from short to long in the same platform.

The disappointing part was all the hype and it is not ready for users... Next time they shouldn't hype so much of they don't have actually something that people can get in and test.

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I was think they have there own COIN hmmmm .... but no .

I think there may be many blockchains offering their social media. However, here are only 24 hours in a day and a human being can only participate so much in social media. The different blockchains will have to compete as @therealwolf says.

What is USP?

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