DDOS and offline yet STEEM is ALIVE!

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As everyone probably has noticed by now, has been offline off and on for the better part of the last 8+ hours. You can read more on the Steemit Blog but the short story is is under a DDOS attack.

Yet here we are, all the dApps are working fine. I am able to blog, comment, read other blogs and comments perfectly fine. All I had to do is choose another UI (dApp) to access the Steem blockchain.

It's really remarkable how powerful blockchain technology is and how resilient it is. While Facebook, Google, and Whatsapp with considerably more resources are struggling to maintain a usable user experience, Steem persists. This is why we need to focus on more dApps and front ends to truly decentralize the Steem blockchain and user experience.

When MIRA is released and Hivemind is improved and used in more areas, this blockchain will be stronger and more resilient than ever. The ability to have an average joe run their own full node on 4-16GB of ram will be an amazing step forward in decentralizing and strengthening the blockchain.

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. While Facebook, Google, and Whatsup

You mean whatsapp or @whatsup? :D


Damn A/C, thanks.


But it is "WhatsApp"

Man what @steempeak is doing is amazing. I came here to see the 634 comments, but can only read 6 and assuming the rest is just spam. Gotta love alternatives to Steemit and the improvements that are being made.


I would recommend everyone mute @animalcontrol & @exterminator.

Unfortunately, the spam is still loaded in the background and still causes problems with


Thank you so much for THAT tip.


Yep I only see 7 comments haha



i must say, great work on this one @jarvie


@gniksivart it's actually a change that we made on our end (Steemit) and since Steempeak uses our API nodes they have the same effect. You should also see the same number of comments on now.


Good to know and thanks for sharing. Couldn't test it out on steemit at the time b/c of the DDOS :(

I think before this problem my internet provider but it's look like its from steem, Glad to see this post. Anyway i just try the steempeak because it's still difficult to access steemit (I need to refresh several times). The UI Looks good and simple, Thanks for sharing!

Just wondering yesterday insta & fb was down now steemit. Is there really a global problem or just a coincidence?

I have a bad english, sorry!

Woah... What is this comment spam? Anyways, I am soooo happy that steem is as resistant as is to these attacks :) really proves the blockchain technology works

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I am particularly excited over your last point. I want so freaking bad to run a full witness node, but right now, I cannot justify using an entire server's resources to do so, and I doubt my project leader would allow me to do so, either.

You are right @themarkymark. i know it because I try to open an it doesn't work. fortunately i also use esteem surfer.
Thank you @esteemapp and team which allow me to continue this steps on steemit. i use dApp. At 11 o'clock I try to open and it off line, only appear Gateway 504 time Out. And i use esteem surfer.

It has definitely been a crazy past 24 hours for a lot of people on the globe! I have been dealing with complaints off and on over the past day from my end users about different services being down. It is interesting that all of this seems to be happening at the same time. Is it just random? Is it coordinated? Who are the perpetrators? It's awesome that we are still able to function despite all the chaos.

Oh my GOD

We are here, we are strong, we are STEEM

It's really remarkable how powerful blockchain technology is and how resilient it is.

Quite fascinating to know, another advantage of the blockchain. Another reason why people have to trust the platform.

I prefer @partiko
I also prefer using my phone over a laptop.😁

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In the end without realizing it, I stopped using the other social networks, I only use steemit, some dApps and youtube.
Facebook speaking:

I sincerely appreciate the efforts that are made to maintain the good functioning of the blockchain and to allow its growth. Greetings and blessings.

Could it be somehow connected with facebook issues?


Face issues?


hahah just edited my comment , Facebook and Instagram had crashed as well so i was wandering if there is some connection