Let's get Steem on Netcoins exchange

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STEEM Is #3 right now

Voting Ends October 20th, 11:59 PM PST

Just head over to http://contest.gonetcoins.com/ and vote for STEEM!

You can vote once every 24 hours!


The more exchanges STEEM is listed on, the better for everyone!

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I have voted on this three times now, and I will do another one tomorrow. I really hope we will be able to get to the top spot soon!


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@themarkymark, Yes, I've done my Third Day Voting. For sure this is the time when we have to showcase the strength of the Community and have to come forward to vote for Steem on NETCOINs so that Steem can get the Expanded Visibility and can reach to masses. Keep up the great work.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

keep on encouraging friends hopefully always make useful content for yourself and others.
greetings @sandiiyong

Done. 👍

I've been spamming to vote all over the place!

Now my 3rd voting


This is steem post promote site.

@themarkymark I have voted sir and I also made a post on it so that more people will be aware!
Here is my link!
STEEM ON! Together we will win

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Thanks a ton @themarkymark for your participation. We really appreciate your efforts in taking STEEM to The MOON and beyond! Hopefully we win this. ;-) Please accept some popcorns from our side.



And some fresh !pancakes to help you feel good. :-D


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I've got 4 more hours to wait before I can vote again. Been spreading the word by resteeming, discording and tweeting! We can totally get this done.

Done! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Voted for this today for the first time, but I will be back to vote again tomorrow.

90% of all postings I see the past days are about this topic. I don't get the importance of this. Netcoins is just another exchange and 30k listing fee should be nothing for any blockchain that really wants to get listed on an exchange. Anyway, in my opinion the extreme long and common 6 weeks+ maintenance windows on really important exchanges like Binance should be fixed first.


The more exchanges we have the better, but I think winning this will also give us more exposure and more people to take it seriously.

me I HAVE 3 vote in day becouse I have 3 gmail
this my vote

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