Introducing Steem Social a new real-time chat

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I am trying an experiment launching Steem Social, a decentralized Twitter clone dedicated to the Steem community.

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The site supports most functionality you would find on Twitter. It's a work in progress and is a test to see if it is something the community would use and benefit from. If it becomes popular, I will keep it running and look into customizing it even more. If not, I'll just sunset it.

Consider it beta at this point, I have done testing and everything looks good.

You can sign up here:

If you have any problems with the email confirmation, let me know. It was slow at first but the domain is now verified and should work fine. If not, please shoot me a message and I can manually confirm you.

If you like gifs, make sure you go in your preferences and set it to auto-play. Kind of pointless to have gifs that don't auto-play and there isn't a global setting for it.

Mobile Apps

You can download any of these apps for a better experience on mobile devices.

Desktop Client

If you want a desktop client, checkout Whalebird, it has a similar interface as Slack.

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ǝɹǝɥ sɐʍ ɹoʇɐɹnƆ pɐW ǝɥ┴

Its a pity its not on Steem.
Single signup and cross app connections are one of the beauties of Steem. I want to be able to contact the user I just beat in Steem Monsters or who posted a huge number of steps in Actifit or a great Utopian contribution.

I’ve just signed-up using my email address, but i have not received a confirmation link - I have also downloaded Amaroq since i’m mostly on mobile - Its on standby waiting for a confirmation.

I will try out the platform!

Good luck in your project and its my hope we will all enjoy the experience :)

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Yeah, on a site that doesn't ask for any keys or even connect to the blockchain...

Good one.

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Show me a single transaction that's a red flag.


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@nathanmars maybe that's a new great alternative method of communication?
(If you haven't checked it out already)
Looks really solid and cool dude.
Great work.Gonna sign up right now.

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I am trying to sign??? Waiting for your email. :)

It takes a bit to send out the notifications some time. Usually, it's pretty quick. I went ahead and confirmed you.

Thank you very much @themarkymark I received your email confirmation.

Excellente, great idea! :-D

Thanks again

what cryptocurrency rewards in the platform

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None, it's purely engagement

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You will earn votes (mostly down one)! lol

That is good. I will try it.

I tried to sign but no email. I will give it a bit of time.

This is a good idea. I like the idea of decentralized open anything even if it isnt a blockchain.

I manually confirmed you, the emails have been taking a minute or two to come through.

Looks cool, I’ll check it out 💯

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So it is on Steem? But you're doing approved signups so why? Something to do with passwords for ease of use? Or just limiting the numbers of people because of beta?

It is about Steem, not on Steem. It's an independent platform sort of like is but gives Twitter-like functionality. It is an experiment
to see if it is popular or not.


Good luck.

Can't we just login via steem connect

It is not linked to the blockchain, it is an independent network. If it becomes popular, I might work on adding the ability to do verified accounts.

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Will give it a shot later tonight and early tomorrow morning.

Really great idea, look forward to signing up!

Can we use steemit id there?

@themarkymark, good job! I will give it a try tommorow.

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Great idea!!

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Thanks for this tool. People who like to chat will find it useful indeed...

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Awesome post brother @themarkymark

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Signed up, but haven't got my confirmation email.

Hey @themarkymark please give me 1 steem for playing magic dice I will return you in 10 minutes

I think it is a good initiative as it will definitely convert other platform users to join this platform.

Maybe you can purchase the domain name, I think it exists @themarkymark 😊👍

If you create "Steem Social" it should be a Steem-based Dapp @themarkymark. and the 500 Discord servers are not. It is along those same lines.

Steem Chat and Discord are both for live chatting, and I think it's hard to make a Dapp for Live Chat due to the 3 second transaction delay, but I don't see what's stopping anyone from making a Steem-based Twitter @themarkymark.

The "comments" and "replies" categories should work fine (for a Steem-based Twitter).

This sounds like a really fun app to share quick stuff without being worried about messing with the feed on the blog. I'm not a fan of twitter, but I already like the idea and see it as very useful if the Steem folks adopt.

I just made my account with no problems, now let's wait for people to jump in!

Got exited for a minute thinking it was a new way to interact with the steem blockchain...
Good initiative, but after expecting the former its feels not enough now. :-(
Thank you for the effort and sorry of hype-myself and get disappointed ;-)

There is Zappl if you want that sort of thing, but I wanted to try something that was purely for community engagement and didn't touch the reward pool.

So is this on-chain or simply about the STEEM blockchain?

about Steem, no connection to the blockchain. If it becomes popular, I will likely look at adding the ability to verify accounts but outside of that it does not touch the blockchain or reward pool.

Would be great to have a way of creating accounts via keychain / posting-key.

That's great idea!

Steemconnect exposes oauth2 and I think mastodon handles it. Just a thought.

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This is cool. Ill try it out. I think @nathanmars was looking for a twitter clone we could use for steem. This could be it.

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I will definitely try this, thanks for sharing.

isnt that like zapple ?

Zappl is on the chain, this is not. As such, it has many more features.

I don't get it. Does it somehow connect with the steem blockchain directly? Or is it like a twitter themed for steemians?

It’s like a private Twitter for us Steemians.