How much is your influence worth?

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There is a new tool that analyzes your Steem profile and gives you an estimate of how much your influence is worth per post.

It seems more focused on engagement and social signals than actual post rewards.

Here is mine:

The algorithm used isn't published but I suspect it has something to do with comments, likes, shares, and signals. After testing it, it is clear the post rewards have nothing to do with the score.

It's too bad it didn't allow you to choose Whoppers, never had a Big Mac (sauce doesn't look appealing to me).

I did some snooping of other popular and infamous people to try to understand how the formula works. The results are interesting:











It does seem to have some intelligence in detecting influencers, but I wouldn't use the results for anything significant. It is more of a fun tool to mess around with.

The tool is not limited to Steem either, it supports the following platforms as well:

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Steemit
  • Medium
  • Twitch

Fun dApps like this can help bring exposure to Steem and are great to see.

Check out your score here.

Leave your results in the comments.

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Fight my single big mac.
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 8.51.11 AM.png

Probably more of a Big Mac and a half (by their calculations).

But honestly, a Big Mac only costs like $4. So whatever they used as a cost basis is way off.

Steemhunt team is korean right? Might be more expensive there.


My vote is worth 10 Burgers?



Hope 10 Big Macs is enough for you, 😎
or we'd have to raise some Steem: 👉 Bic Mac for @twinner 👈
cheers 🤠

it's a really funny tool.....

Hope you are hungry.

I'm a vegetarian. This is racist against my people.

Thanks so much for your detailed review! Yes, we have tried to consider the engagement rate as much as we can. We've also put some algo to see fake followers, but of course, it's not highly accurate. Those data will be automatically improved while the Reviewhunt has more data on the real market.

Better than I expected, but Mr BS is ridiculous. Will HF21 change that?


As I said in the post, rewards have no influence on it. So I doubt so unless we get more engagement (or less).

668th overall (so far) is not too bad. It's just another number.

Fantastic tool btw I can't get a whole big mac!😭🤣


When jeninacoin moons, you'll be able to buy McDonalds so no worries!

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Keep building your network and you will get there.


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I can't afford a big mac :(

Damn.. I tried it.. it printed me a coupon for a free cheeseburger and told me to power up

such nonsense, ppl witch less real influence get 1k per Post. Get over it, this platform needs more users to unleash its real potential.

neat little tool... seems to put more weight on those who engage with posts more. Somehow I managed to have about the same level on both Steem and Medium even though I'm way more active here.

Wow! I try not to judge, but eating 5 Big Macs a day is a lot.

Please don't take my advice the wrong way, but are better sources of nutrition.
You may want to consider changing your diet and living a healthier lifestyle.
#food4thought :)

haha bernie kicks ass for engagement and social skills signals

i'm a 4 burger type


This was certainly better than I expected... I've never really thought of Big Macs like this... But perhaps I should. :D


Interesting concept. I wonder what a spammer who just says “nice post” would be “worth.”

As for my own numbers I would consider reasonable to obtain once I get some stuff in place over the long run. Not all of my focus is just on Steem so there are other considerations to keep in mind as well.


I’m not too shocked by my twitter account. It’s still something I’m working out and will be making bigger attempts to do so shortly.

I did look into a spam f4f account on twitter and no shock it thinks alecia_60K is worth $109.22 per post. Somewhere there is an actual number that companies have assigned per follower. Social media has always been interesting there is this preserved value even when it’s just fake and spam.

Perhaps one day they will expand to add a bunch of other sites. Would be interesting to see what my total overall “influence worth” would be.

4 Big Macs for the mannequin!


While quite useless as a metric as it seems very inaccurate on the amounts, I wonder what would happen if millions of accounts were automatically fed into it to set a more accurate bar.

Interesting to see the comments per post and engagement %. I think that once more analytics for steem would make the experience a lot more interesting for many users and frontends that do it well, much more compelling.

Post value is a factor, it is purely engagement as far as I can see.

Interesting for which country creators took price of big mac? In different countries price can be different 🤔

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I want my BigMac xD When is McDonald's accepting STEEM?

I do wonder how they calculate that... probably engagement, network effect, number of followers, average payout per post? I wonder if they add the fact that we are in a bear market :/ Probably not, I don't think the guys behind it are put that much thought and work into it...


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Nary a morsel or crumb of Big Mac, a big fat zero 😜

For some perspective demirosemawby on IG gets over 11.6 k big macs or 64k USD per post! She is possibly the hottest woman on earth though..

I guess this guy is doing well.

Something like $20M/year I think he makes, so yeah he does well.

Top of the fast food chain

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it did break my heart a little bit but still a great find. Thanks!

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Now that is an expensive burger!
2019-08-23 (2).png

Yeah the price seems off, I think you were at around 1.9 burgers but it doesn't show that. I think they are pricing a Big Mac around $5.8 instead of $.399.

I live the engagement info.

😄 only 1 🍔 but over 64% engagement ... I’m happy with those stats!!

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Trying it now, post following!
Thanks for sharing.

I can live with this LOL



Well, that's okay. I don't eat big mac very often.

Not even one BigMac for me, funny site!

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And its all about Big Mac!

Somehow test your hunger!

Wow, I had a better score than I expected (and I have had a Big Mac before and would much prefer a Whopper, FWIW). Thanks for pointing this out - pretty cool tool!


I thought I had a much lower score, but all in all I didn't go so badly, thanks for having provided this post for this fun review.

I had forgotten to post the result

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