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RE: Planning to meet Dan Larimer in Person soon

in #steem2 years ago

Are you planning to build a bridge like BEOS did between EOS and BTS?
Anyway I tried to reach you at Twitter and I wish you might not stop those promotional stuffs out of STEEM blockchain about STEEM.
Honestly we didn't aware about what you did before, and now I know you went to right places to gather more people with STEEM, specially with your Twitter Promotions of STEEM!
Wish you all the best for your future endeavors as well!



Bridges can be build in so many ways, the first step is connecting and getting to know key people of EOS, for example key people behind

I’ll continue to explore more and find out if I can help someone else already planning on Building some kind of bridge between STEEM and EOS or build a bridge myself

I’m sorry that I wasn’t active on Twitter/STEEM lately and I missed responding to you on Twitter

STEEM Seven77 Twitter Movement was brought more awareness to STEEM but we couldn’t achieve things like getting STEEM listed with Coinbase, So I’ll focus on building bridge with EOS

I don't know your attempt might work well! Coz the politics behind STEEM and EOS! Friends who became foes is hard to collaborate to do team works! Specially after we rage quit them and they perform better than us! Anyway I wish you all the best and your intention is correct! This is what we need and I think you might not stop promoting STEEM at TWITTER too! I hope Coinbase might think again to add us, if we show them we got a strong community backup at Twitter as well!


What do you think EOS will eventually be worth $ 200? And if so what do you mean for a period? Thank you

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