Remove your witness votes for Symbionts ASAP!

in #steem4 months ago

Remove your witness votes from Symbionts

The biggest hypocrite on the platform is clearly Symbionts.

He downvotes people when they don't vote for him as a witness.

He has been downvoting me for months simply because I didn't vote for him as a witness or use my own witness votes how he wanted me to.

Specifically he didn't like one of the people I was voting for at the time.

Ever since then he has put me on auto-downvote to downvote anything and everything I post for many months now.



Well not technically everything, as you can see here compared to jrcornel and jondoe he clearly tried to help his case by not downvoting the post that called him out for his bad behavior.

Then he goes right back to downvoting everything else.

This guys is a mental case and should not be allowed to remain in the Top 20.

Not only that, but he routinely opines for more and more money to develop things that no one here wants or uses.

He hasn't invested in STEEM with his own money at all, he simply milks the witness earnings and milks payments for developing things that no one asks for or uses.

Do the right thing and remove your witness votes for him.

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