Tough Lessons

in steem •  5 months ago

I am posting this here to educate others BEFORE they find themselves being unexpectedly taught tough lessons like I just have! :(


Feast your eyes on my misery as I tried to use 'my Steem' to buy some BTC to help me survive for a week through a rough patch. I just had 16 SBDs and it wasn't enough so I went ahead and converted it to Steem then Powered up not knowing that once you have done that, it can't be withdrawn.


This looks quite different from this...


And I never had a clue. Why? Maybe because I have never thought of using my Steem to do anything until today. By exploring this site and blockchain also largely trying to solve a need led me to all this.

The idea was converting my few SBDs to Steem... You are allowed to laugh at me then withdrawal Steem in a larger quantity to buy btc then resell it locally. Wrong move 🤦

Weird. Right? That something I thought would work out and only me and @blocktrades plus those who have time to view my miserable wallet would know about but here we are. Stuck in a semi-rant kinda piece which happens to my first on! Life is that unpredictable.

I am happy to have learnt something and be able to share my lesson even when it means painting my personal issues here because someone else may find themselves in my place and make wrong but somehow good mistakes/decisions. That said, it wasn't even meant to be this long... Thank you for listening 💯


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