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The voting of this account has been automated to support a select set of people who are not yet minnows as well as a few who have just made it to that level to keep them going. The voting power is not being fully utilised and so we are looking for more people who need our support.

According to the latest stats from @arcange there are 9374 minnows and we would like to see that at least pass 9500 in the next couple of months and get to 10,000 by the end of the year. That will require some effort and your support.

Note that a number of people have moved up to dolphin and that is to be celebrated too.

Things you can do to help:

Candidates for our support should:

  • Have less than 500SP.
  • Not be over-using bots and also not be blacklisted by them.
  • Be powering up most of their Steem and SBD.
  • Not be powering down.
  • Be posting good content.

We welcome suggestions on how we make more of a difference. Currently this account has a full vote of about 5c thanks to some delegations from cool people.

Steem on!

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Hey @tenkminnows there are a lot of great people posting great new content you could help on the redfish league made by @paulag. So if you want to help increase the minnow numbers just go to her latests post about the league initiative and you will have a great list of people that give their best to increase their reputation every day on the platform by producing and sharing great content.

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We have looked at those and found many who were near to 500SP had no current posts. If you know of some who are active then let us know.

Yes, there are some almost reaching the 500SP, but I would reinforce the call for you to take another look because there are much more people under that value. She posts an image with a long list of users and you can clearly see some of them don't even have reach 100SP or 200SP.

I will leave you the direct link here for her post so you can see all the users names so you can select the ones you would like to help.

Everyone there tries to be most active they can, based on their possibilities and time schedule in order to be able to post and contribute. So it's just a matter of really check their work with some time and you will find a lot of people that deserve your attention to reach minnow level.

I have seen the posts, but it takes time to investigate each user. Some of the people there are not posting and others are doing low quality posts. That is why I prefer personal recommendations.

Check out @vesytz

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They have 645 SP, so already a minnow. Got some nice posts, so ought to do well.

Ohh. Sorry. I didn't check Steemd

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Great to see the work continue! Looking forward to continued helping them out!

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@tenkminnows This is a great example of growing together.

However is it ok to self nominate here?

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Well consider yourself nominated :) You only seem to be posting once a week or so and that will limit what you can earn. Just keep the quality up if you post more often.

Thank you @tenkminnows
Yes, I post once in a week as we get only 7 days to make it best so I try to keep it high, my content quality and it's organic engagements.

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You can post more often, but you may want to try and build your following.

Ohk I'll do my best. How about to start with you! 😉 @tenkminnows

Well we can follow you, but this account is mostly automated and you get a vote anyway :)

Ohk, thanks for your support! 😊

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