The $1,000 STEEM Mindset

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I wrote about this in the past and thought it good to include it at this time. My thinking is perhaps it will give people a bit of a different viewpoint on what is taking place on the STEEM blockchain.

Success on STEEM, like most anything in life, starts with the mindset. To be successful on STEEM requires you to have a successful mindset.

It is that simple.

Many come to the STEEM blockchain with the mindset that this is a place to get rich quick. I make no secret my disdain for those on FB and YouTube marketing STEEM as a get rich quick scheme. It is a complete lie and shows total selfishness since it enhances the blockchain zero.

STEEM is going to be a place that creates a great deal of wealth. That I am sure about. However, it is a long path and requires consistent effort. Those who dedicate themselves to this pursuit should profit handsomely. Nevertheless, it is going to take time.

It is easy to spot the belief system of people. I read one comment where a person scoffed at an upvote for .02. The individual even went so far as to say "thanks for nothing".

So here we see mindset failure #1: A lack of gratitude.

I will say this: every single Steemian should get on his or her knees and thank the lucky stars that you are on STEEM at this time. This is a gift from the universe that most likely can never be repaid. You are granted an opportunity that comes to so few in life. Yet an attitude like this is just spitting on the opportunity.

Result of such an attitude: Complete and utter STEEM failure.

Taketh thy arse back to Facebook grasshopper.

Here is the only STEEM Success and Motivation Tip you ever need:

Add 3 zeros to ever number you see as it pertains to your STEEM account!!!

That is what happens when you multiply your SP by $1,000.

"I only have 15 SP, it is a nothing account."

Really? Add three zeroes to it and it is $15, that nothing? (If you think it is then you need to be buying STEEM to power up)

Now before anyone goes off the deep-end believing I am projecting $1,000 STEEM, I am not (although I can make a case for it but that is another post). This is a mental exercise.

I get quite a few .001 transfers from the resteem and upvote bots. I love getting them. My only gripe is that I do not get more. To me, the .001 transfer is looked at like a dollar. They want to give me a dollar to spam the lower portion of my wallet? Have fun. I will collect those all day long.

Most days I get multiple .003 and .004 rewards from I love them. They are payouts from the money they take from the content posters on their site which is distributed to the curators for each post. The best part is the votes are placed by my participation in @tribesteemup's curation trail. In other words, it is all automated.

Again, to me, this is $3 or $4 a few times a day.

Mindset failure #2: Not seeing the incredible opportunity before us.

One of the developers posted how they are intent on making STEEM the "blockchain of opportunity". This individual was referring to the actions that are undertaken to make this blockchain attractive to developers. Yet this is something I latched onto. To me, STEEM is the blockchain of opportunity for everyone who comes on here if they will only see it.

Mike Novogratz is on record as saying he believes the cryptocurrency market will hit $20T at some point. Of late, we are hearing about how so many of the tokens created are actually dead projects. There was even an article today, on one of the cryptocurrency news sites, that said because of these other coins failing, Bitcoin's dominance is growing.

Whether that is true or not means little. What is important to me is the fact that as other projects fail, those tokens that have legitimate development on them become more valuable. And this is something STEEM is excelling at. The price action might not reflect it but with all that is taking place, we already saw huge growth in 2018.

I was chatting with someone earlier today who got involved with STEEM around the same time as myself. We both mentioned how we wished we found this 2-6 months earlier. That said, guess what people joining STEEM a year from now will be saying: "I wish I got involved a year ago".

We are all here now. That is what matters. No matter what one's account looks like, use the $1,000 mindset. Go into your wallet and add 3 zeros to the total. How does that feel? Are you a bit more motivated than you were before? Do the same for your blog page. Do you have a different outlook at the pending rewards in this light?

Keep in mind, from a SP perspective, that .02 payout keeps compounding every year for the next 20 years (actually longer than that but that is where the inflation pool charts I saw went to).

@ned has a goal of having 100K entrepreneurs on the STEEM blockchain within 5 years. We had a ton of development on here this year, with around 358 applications on STEEM at this time. I will be kind and say there are 500 entrepreneurs behind all those projects. To get to 100K, we need 200 times as many entrepreneurs.

Can you picture what this place will be like with 200 times the development taking place?

Will that make STEEM worth $1,000? I have no idea.

What I can assure you is that .001 you received today will be worth a whole lot more if this all happens.

Therefore, look at everything pertaining to your account from this viewpoint. You will find yourself motivated to start contributing to the STEEM blockchain.

I surmise you will see the opportunity and be very grateful for it.

And it all adds up over time.

If you found this article informative, please give it an upvote and resteem.

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I think there is a mindset on here that people treat Steem as being very valuable although they don't tend to rush out and buy any. lol

I would be grateful for a $25 steem....and a high SBD lol but $1,000 would rock my world

A $0.01 upvote is 100% more than anything we get from Facebook!

5,559 SP x $1000 = $5,559,000

A boy can dream.


Now before anyone goes off the deep-end believing I am projecting $1,000 STEEM...

I was just thinking about this today. I'll probably write a post on it later. Imagine if just 1 million people wanted 1000 Steem Power. That's a demand for one billion Steem. With a circulating supply of 263 million Steem this can really give you some perspective about what will happen when this platform becomes mainstream.

This post reminds me of the two pizzas bought with BTC. It's just a matter of vision, faith, persistance and patience. Whoever masters these will "taste" that $1000 Steem you wrote about.

Ahhhhh yesssssss. Right on @acesontop! :) <333

Awesome Post, Heres my ~$10 upvote to help you (0.01 Upvote)

Thanks for this, isn't steemit awesome?

Right on!!! Bright Blessings @cadawg.

“Taketh thy arse back to Facebook, grasshopper.” has to be one of the best sentences ever!

I love those .001 transactions, I’m that much more powerful, and means that much more earning in the long run.

I’m here for the haul...regardless of current price/value I believe in this platform and am incredibly thankful that I’ve been able to be one of the first!!!

I have to say @definethedollar, I love your mindset.

It is that outlook that should make you very successful on here.

Focus upon growing our own accounts...that should be the approach of every Steemian.

lmao! agree. that really is an ultimate statement. haha :) Glad you are also a sticker-arounder @definethedollar (love that name btw!)

Bright Blessings!!

@definethedollar I just wanted to say 1 I agree and 2 I really think you and I can get along. "Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics, Politics" is right up my alley. It's great to find and follow you!

Seriously...only a $.01 upvote?! Jeeze, waste my time why doncha! LOL

im trying to dream big. but when the bills keep piling up, and ive been eating ramen for the past 3 months, its kinda hard.
i try to put effort into posts, but thats hard too when you put your all into something, and realise that your all is nothing in the eyes of the vast majority.

Oh lord. You are just heaven sent! Just what some needed to hear this day to keep it going. I hadn't thought of it in this kind of light but I am now extremely energized to go harder. Your wisdom and perspective of looking at things can be very overwhelmingly good. I hope this is enough motivation to get people to join us in #minnowuprising July, I know I and @joetunex are going harder than before for sure. Target is 30 posts per week, averaging 4 posts per day.

Every single Steemian should get on his or her knees and thank God that you are on STEEM at this time.

I occasionally do, and when I do, I swear my payouts are never the same.

I occasionally do, and when I do, I swear my payouts are never the same.

Love this.


Really steemit is great initiative

I need to make more hopefully before it goes that high, but I hope it does get that high.

Add 3 zeros to the amount in the wallet. I like the sound of that. It sure is motivation enough for me.
I am what you would call 'not the sharpest knife in the drawer'. I don't understand what is going on here half the time. But, I do know that Steem is not for all people. They come on, they see the payouts on their post, they beat a hasty retreat, saying it is not worth their time. I say let them be.
I have been posting on blogspot, Google+ and Facebook for over a decade. I don't get a single cent. I am here for 6 months and the account's value is $28.14 - last checked. By comparison, that is a lot. So, I AM grateful.
I know my capabilities, or should I say my limits. So, I stick to doing what I do best - doing what I know, and leaving others - like you, to do what they know.
I enjoy posting. It gives me something to do, it helps with my English, and my writing. I enjoy doing that. Whatever rewards I get is a bonus, a motivation, and an incentive to do better.
I must admit that sometimes it is discouraging to see a 'junk' post gets paid more than my carefully thought out post. But hey, I understand that that's the way it goes and probably someone out there is also saying the same of my post. So, I am cool with that.
With such motivating and encouraging posts such as yours, you can be sure - I AM Grateful, and I will be Steeiming on. Cheers! :-)

I love the .001 transfers from the resteem and upvote bots too @taskmaser4450.

i was just looking at someone's wallet who has a lot more Steem Power than I do and and noticed that they had loads of those and I though "Wow. That's another benefit of increased SP. You get all those extra 0.001s in your wallet too".

i'm looking forward to that and in the meantime loving the ones I already get. 😁

How can entrepreneurs be more proactive in contributing to the STEEM Blockchain? Is creating new applications for content creation the only way? Just wondering @taskmaster4450

Thanks for the perspective. I would be incredibly excited if Steem reached $1000. That would be life-changing.

I will be pressing forward and keep Steeming!

Awesome! Thanks for the article. I have a few questions. I'm completely ignorant when it comes to blockchain, and investments. If a blogger posts an article that added them, say 0.15 cents, you are saying that, if the value of steem goes up within a year, even old posts we post should see an increment? In other words, every article we post is like investing in the marketplace. Is this a correct assumption on my part?

thanks man, glad to learn more by the day. Maybe you could write another article geared towards a more lay-man approach or for those of us who are new to the site. Giving an example of how a post today could net you X amount tomorrow, or something like that. Just throwing some ideas for your next post. ;)

oh hoho! thank you!

You're welcome!

Articles are paid in a the payouts are in people's wallets...hence where the appreciation, if the price goes up, takes place.

awesome, thanks man

I have the gratitude to have you in my path to inspire me!

I've been looking at my rewards imagining $10 per Steem since day one myself. :P Even that is enough for me. Makes me not pay attention too much on the current price and focus on the future. Basically I'm making a living here already, I just need to wait for the actual paycheck. :)

I always love you positive philosophy. I get giddy adding those 3 zeros dreaming of the brightest future.

Absolutely great... I would like to have your motivating capacity.
You are able to synthesize my thoughts and the thoughts of many people in one only post.
Steem on!

Highly valuable post. I just bookmarked it. True, we joining STEEM blockchain at this time is a blessing for us all. I like your zeal and the big picture painted for us all. I've gotta read this over and over again. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏

I´m very positive and I use 1/10 of you motivation for STEEM, when I look at my account, I know it is small, but considering how expensive STEEM will be in the future I never get demotivated.

For short term I always consider $20-$30 STEEM, but what matters the most to me is the value of my account in 5 years, and for that I make a very small prediction of $100. With that I see a lot of value, but imagine how much I have made if STEEM reached $1000 :D

QQ: I signed up for Manna with your link.

How do I add a banner and link like that to my posts?

Thanks for the help!!!

every single Steemian should get on his or her knees and thank the lucky stars that you are on STEEM at this time. This is a gift from the universe that most likely can never be repaid. You are granted an opportunity that comes to so few in life. Yet an attitude like this is just spitting on the opportunity.

Thanks for this. It makes me feel really good.

And then there is this to greet you at login:

get paid for your good content.PNG

I got this snip from one of the content creators I brought in here as she left in December.

I hear what you are saying, but this is how steemit markets itself. This is one of the reasons people quit early.

Instead it should say, "You voice is worth nothing for months, but hang in there and you might get paid for your good content if you figure everything out, and post like a maniac, and learn about witnesses and blockchains, and find big people to support you, and drop everything else you are doing."

I'm catching this post while discouraged and soon to be homeless, so don't mind me :)

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Great article. An excellent way of thinking a successful person. There is much to learn here. Good luck to you and Love.

Прекрасная статья. Отличный образ мышления успешного человека. Здесь есть чему научиться. Удачи Вам и Любви.

I love that you love receiving those .001 transfers as much as I do! I share the same complaint as you about them ;) haha. In all seriousness though, I really do injoy & appreciate each of those. It's like the faucet that comes to you! this is such a great motivational post @taskmaster4450. Absoulute truth up in here. <333 I am thankful to be here....and doubly thankful that I am able to kick in my 100% upvote & resteem. Bright Blessings BeautyFull Soul!!

I wonder. It steem hit 1k, would the spam messages stop?

I love them too. Get about .01sbd a week for free, cool by me. Power it up.

Love the perspective. I always wonder what if steem hit $10? I'd have what I consider a pretty serious stash. If it hit $15? 20? 100? I'd piss myself with Glee lol

Hope the moon holds off another week. I'm gonna buy more with my allowance next weekend :)