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RE: AI Censorship And The Power Of 'Steem' To Preserve Truth

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I saw this earlier and just did a write up about the same thing. It appears from the pricing action that most are getting a clue about what this blockchain offers.

Facebook and Google are known for their censoring. These entities are the exact opposite of what they promote. They want people to believe they are different from the establishment yet they simply want to control like all others.

It is great that the media is starting to expose this and STEEM is benefiting. The blockchain offers a way around this. Hopefully we see growth coming from the anti-establishment people. So far, there have no been too many heavy hitters from the media world come on here. Where are some of the alternative news people? I guess the big ones are really like everyone else, part of the establishment too.

Steemit offers freedom of speech a true chance. Like the article said, put it on the blockchain and it is there forever....there is no going back and changing it because you dont like something.

Perhaps $10 is right around the corner.


Blockchain offers what r these??

Yes bro...steem price will be reach to 20 usd within few days..its really good thing to who have a couns cept I got too many memories and now it makes it seem like I cant remember anything correctly, so its sounds good..

I am very surprised to hear 10$ target for you for Steem :D Did you miss a zero ? :)

Dont want to scare the masses just yet.

Actually, in truth, missed two zeroes but few believe it. :)

You know what they say - best revenge is massive success.

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