Updated steem witness vote

in #steemlast year

Despite the recent setbacks the steem community faced, I am very impressed how the community reacted and voted some of the old witnesses back into the top 21 spot.

I have updated my witness votes as well and selected some new witnesses I believe have the best interest of everyone in mind and unselected a few of the old top 21 witnesses which I hold responsible for the mess we are currently in.

To elaborate on that, when I vote for a witness I vote for someone who is able to:

  1. Run a node to process blocks
  2. Has the best interest of the community in mind before own benefits
  3. Ideally Contributes to the steem eco system with own dapps

What I don't support are witnesses who believe that they can steer the chain in a certain direction out of fear something could happen without checking if that direction is what the community wants.

The action of the softfork was one of those actions which in my opinion provoked the response from Justin Sun and got us where we are today.

If there was such a big concern about the steemit stake, than why hasn't a softfork been carried out YEARS ago?

I encourage every steem community member to vote and decide which witnesses should represent the chain going forward.


It's really great to see our strong community! We are steem.


It is the most impressive community I am a part of.

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