Red market days were meant to SHOP (STEEM and EOS) until you drop!

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If you are convinced in a blockchain project than these massive price drops are a perfect opportunity to buy! The two blockchains I consider relevant and have a bright future ahead are STEEM and EOS.


Why STEEM (the blockchain) is Awesome

Starting why you can never have enough STEEM(POWER). Most of you know the strong points of the STEEM blockchain already but for our new visitors I will list them below.

- Zero Transaction Fees

I could actually stop right here since there are not many other blockchains which have this feature, certainly not the top listed blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. But lets continue ...

- Fastest Blockchain in the world (and universe as far as we know)

STEEM is the fastest blockchain of all, with an average of 1.3 Million Transactions per day. On top of that the network is still in excellent condition and capable to process many more transactions per day without breaking a sweat!

- Application and use case

Here we go!,, DTube, DSound, Utopian, ... all these are usuable applications built ontop of the STEEM blockchain. Tell me (us) how many blockchains do you know of that have an actual use case and being used by thousands of people daily around the globe?

So here we go, these are the reasons I take any opportunity to collect STEEM and POWER UP whenever I can.


Why I think EOS is going to be HUGE

EOS is not released yet so everything I write is based on assumptions and promised features. If these features however get realised than EOS will be absolutely massive! I will list some of the features below.

- The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralised Applications

The EOS platform can be viewed (to my understanding) as a very powerful and flexible operating system to be used by application developers to built their applications on. Is is said that EOS can do what Ethereum does but much faster, more flexible and easier. Given the success that Ethereum has, if EOS delivers an operating system that outperforms Ethereum in any way than that should be very positive!

- Exchanges

Even though EOS is not live yet (it is in test as far as I know) the (EOS) ERC20 token are listed on big exchanges like Bithumb, Bitfinex, Binance and Kraken and is listed currently 12th place on coinmarketcap. Before the blockchain goes live this summer probably more exchanges will add the EOS token which will be great for the distribution.

Buying the dip of coins you think have potential is always a good thing to do. If you believe in STEEM and /or EOS than these moments when the price is down are the best time to buy. No financial advice or recommendation, just my opinion.

All the best!


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yes great discount today! however it is possible the next 3 days it goes down even further. So best is to spread the investment at levels :)


Yes, that is very good advice.

Haha yeah those dips are basically discounts! No reason to panic and sell everything you have. As long as you HODL you're not losing anything :D


Exactly, once you sold you loose. As long development on STEEM / EOS continues I am optimistic that we see higher prices again.


@tarekadam yes that true i see the difference between them everything will be back again

This is indeed shopping time - Im gonna put some eos Steem and bitskares in My shopping cart and Lets not forget some beers too !


That sounds like a well distributed shopping trip. Awesome! :-)

True, I totally agree with you Steem Blockchain is amazing, faster and unique in the market among all other Blockchain technology. And addon benefits are the platforms from where we can access the Steemit accounts, and that platforms have it's additional benefits and one of the growing Platform is Dtube, and once SMT's are launched then in my opinion Steem market can boost like rocket. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.


Yes, I see a great future for STEEM and application build on it. It is hard to watch your profits schrink but in the long term I believe we see higher prices so this is a good time to buy more.


Agree with you.

Of course I do believe in steem and in the long run it gonna be huge !
This down market is the opportunity to get some in the pocket to buy!

Opportunity don't know twice better to grab this opportunity :D


Exactly, well said!

Dont be panic.Just act right.Things will be fine soon

I love that Steem has so many projects backing it up. Real problems are being solved on the platform. Certainly something I believe in.


Indeed! The current price doesn't reflect the value of the STEEM .

I agree with you, and I am sure the market will recover to a new ATH very shortly. It is a great buying opportunity at the moment, but to be able to buy you would have to do it with Fiat money because all cryptos are in a knockout.


Yes you are right! That is why it is a good idea to cash out some profits once the market is high and set it aside for moments like this.

Thank you for this informative and compression between STEEM and EOSpost, @tarekadam


You are welcome, I am glad you found it useful.

its great news..............all of us..............its to valuable information....this is the time to awake .............. just keep your decision and go ahead............


Thank you very much.

Thank you for your information! :)


You are welcome :-)


I see, it seems you are not convinced about that approach. Thanks for showing it in this amusing gif ;-)

keep sharing, more power!

Good luck always brother
Thank you very much on his vote

Nice post